By following a few simple tips companies can create successful remote workforces to be productive and profitable.

2020 has transformed the world of work in tremendous ways. While the digital nomad lifestyle has grown in popularity over the years with increased access to technology, this year’s COVID-19 pandemic has made the benefits of remote working even more apparent. As government-imposed lockdown orders forced people to retreat into their homes to prevent the spread of this deadly virus, companies across the globe were forced to adapt quickly.  It quickly became clear to business owners that many daily operations could be done remotely thanks to technology and communications.

With that being said, there are still many businesses that are struggling to truly enter the remote working age due to their unfamiliarity with the concept of working from home and certain misconceptions about this operations method. If this sounds familiar to you, here are a few tips to help your company create a successful remote workforce:

Choose the Right Staff

Allowing staff to work from home requires a high level of trust. Remote working offers employees greater freedom when it comes to managing their time, but this privilege can also be open to abuse, which is problematic for any business owner. The key here is to hire the right type of staff to work from home. Check references to find people who have exemplified characteristics such as self-discipline, time-management skills and conscientiousness. It’s important to find the right people for the job because micromanagement can often be troublesome too.

Provide Clear Instructions

Ideally, management doesn’t want to constantly be checking up on staff to make sure that a job is being done correctly.  To ensure that working-from-home is successful and stress-free for all parties involved, it’s incredibly important to set clear expectations. Spell out deadlines and set milestones to ensure everyone is on the same page and that any issues are ironed out at an early stage.

Keep In Constant Contact With Your Staff

Whether you are working in an office or from home, communication is key. However, this is increasingly important when it comes to remote working. When you are in an office, it’s possible for staff to ask a quick question in passing or compare notes with a colleague. However, when physical proximity is no longer a reality, communication can be more difficult, and it’s easier for mishaps to occur along the way. It’s crucial that management make a concerted effort to maintain open lines of communication with a remote workforce.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Technology has been the game changer in allowing more people to work from home. It is important for business owners to be aware of the best tools available and the ways in which these can ease the process of working with a remote workforce. We are all likely to be familiar with communications tools like Zoom and cloud storage solutions, but did you know there is software to assist with spend management and workflow too?

Numerous studies have shown allowing employees to work remotely can be hugely advantageous to companies. It allows businesses to save on overheads such as office rental and also allows them to access a broader talent pool. With that being said, it’s natural that business owners may have some reservations. Regardless, by following a few simple tips companies can start to build successful remote workforces that have the potential to drive business to new levels.