Common problems with the implementation of time tracking software and how to overcome them.

An attendance tracking software can potentially offer some truly great productivity benefits to your business. From precise allocation of tasks to giving you the ability to make realistic commitments to your clients, a time tracking software can act as a great productivity-boosting lubricant in your business machine.

Not to forget, in a future where working with remote teams will be considered ‘normal’, the importance of a time tracking software will only become more significant.

However, implementing a time tracking software can be surprisingly challenging, especially in smaller organisations where the work environment is relatively less formal.

If you are thinking about introducing a time tracking software with your teams, make sure you are prepared to handle the following challenges:

Reduced Employee Moral

Many business owners and managers have an excellent professional relationship with their employees and team members. With mutual trust, they are able to get things done on time, without ever compromising on quality.

Despite doing all of this, if you implement a time tracking software, many employees may feel like they are being unfairly monitored or that their privacy is being invaded (especially since some time tracking software take periodic screenshots of their computer screens).

The only way to overcome this challenge is with effective communication. You must educate your employees about the benefits of the time tracking software for the organisation and for them.

By telling them that the time tracking software will help them improve their own productivity, and will reduce the micromanagement from their managers (if there is any), you may be able to smoothen the adaptation of the time tracking software.

Increased Micromanagement

With the introduction of a time tracking software, you and your managers will have access to data that tells you what your employees are doing at all times (at least during office hours).

While analysing this data can provide great insight into the matters of improved productivity, it is also easy to get carried away and start watching every move your employees make. Many managers find themselves asking their team members to stay continuously productive when they start tracking their team member’s time tracking sheets.

However, such micromanagement can have a negative effect on the productivity and morale of your employees. To make sure such a situation does not arise, you must communicate to your managers that they need to offer freedom to their team members, in order to bring out their best performance.

Employees Engaging In “Busy Work”

Busy work is the term given to the act of appearing busy and producing no real results or work. When faced with the pressure of the added surveillance of a time tracking software, the employees may feel the need to engage in busy work to justify their working hours.

However, when this happens, it hurts your business in many ways. For starters, employees engaging in busy work will deter you from gauging the exact amount of time it takes to complete a task. At the same time, when an employee feels the need to engage in busy work, there is a good chance that they are not happy with their work environment.

Once again, the most effective way to prevent this from happening is to tell your employees about the real purpose of a time tracking software. Help them understand that its okay to take breaks and that you understand that it isn’t humanly possible to consistently deliver 9 hours worth of work throughout the work week.


It is easy to imagine how an employee may have built a flawed perception of time tracking tools as surveillance tools. As an employer, it is your responsibility to help them see beyond their misconceptions that introduce them to the benefits of this incredible productivity tool.

Once you successfully do that, you will start noticing the benefits of implementing a time tracking software.

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