January 2, 2019

Workers today demand more from their employers than a paycheck and some sense of job security. They are looking at a retirement age of seventy or older. The days of retirement at fifty have long passed, and so now the only logical conclusion is to improve their day-to-day lives instead. Happiness is the goal for most, and to work at a job you like with people you like is a huge boost to anyone’s wellbeing. A happy employee is one that will work harder for you. Happy employees also result in lower turnover, saving you money further.

The best part, however, is that to improve your company culture you don’t need to throw a lot of money at your employees. Instead you only need to add these six features to your business:

Five Ways to Improve Your Company Culture, Industry Today

1. Offer Employee Benefits

The best way to choose the right benefits for your employees is to ask them. That being said, some benefits are commonly wanted, like the ability to be paid more often, instead of once a month. This will help many people manage their money more and stay out of debt, and all you as an employer need to do is choose the best employee benefits providers, such as Hastee Pay, to do it. Instead of them taking out a high-interest loan, you can instead offer them advances on their own money.

2. Allow for Flextime

Flextime is incredibly easy to offer and can substantially improve your company culture. Essentially, it means employees can customize their work day as they need to. They can take a two-hour lunch break, for example, or come in an hour later than usual. This will help them manage their work/life balance better, and as you are counting the number of hours they work instead of a 9-to-5 workday, you can even get more productive work out of them.

3. Improve the Office Space

Your office should be a pleasant place to work in. It should be light, well designed, and have clean air. Adding mirrors, investing in new (and comfortable) office furniture, and of course adding air-purifying plants throughout your office will do wonders to improve the health of the environment.

Carry this on into the break room and give your employee somewhere they can go to get a proper break and refuel. Employees should not eat lunch at their desk.

4. Help Them Learn

Your employees should have every opportunity to advance their skillset. This will help them feel more accomplished, and it will help you by providing you with an incredibly talented set of workers who have up-to-date information about your industry. You can help them learn by offering paid shadowing shifts, or by sponsoring them to go to a workshop, conference, or even night school.

5. Offer Them a Future

If your employees don’t see any advancement opportunities, then they will eventually leave. You want to give them a future so that they have something to work for and a reason to be loyal to your company for years on end.

Company culture is critical to employee retention, loyalty, and to boost productivity as a whole. If your employees hate where they work, they won’t work hard for you, so give back and show them you value them.

Five Ways to Improve Your Company Culture, Industry TodayAbout the Author
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