Expectations vs. reality about digitalization using indoor tracking services.

Industry 4.0 and digitalization are topics still frequently discussed, but what are the actual use cases and projects that have already proven reasonability and highly positive return of investment? Being in the global business of real-time location systems for industrial digitalization and having a customer base full of innovation-hungry early adopters, Sewio answers the following questions in a single infographic:

  1. WHO drives change in digital transformation?
  2. WHICH use cases are requested the most compared to those that make it to reality?
  3. WHAT use cases have shown proven ROI in the real world?
  4. WHY do organizations cover these use cases and what were their success metrics?
  5. HOW long does it take and what steps have lead to customer success?

Industry 4.0

Learn more about the digitalization use cases at: https://www.sewio.net/customer-projects/.

See the full story: https://www.sewio.net/infographics-industry-4-0-expectations-vs-reality/.