April 19, 2019

Nowadays, people pay closer attention to the matter of environment and its protection. One of the reasons why our planet’s ecology suffers is the negative influence of industry. This is a very important and interesting theme. Students are commonly assigned this theme to disclose in their essays. In case, you want to find out how to cover this theme we are happy to help you. Read the following essay provided by CustomWritings.com and learn some helpful tips on how to write such sort of papers.

“How We Can Save Environment if We Need Industry?”

Our planet is steadily dying. This is a horrible and frightening statement but it’s time to face the bitter truth. Our environment had been ruined by our ancestors and due to the rapid development of different industries, current generations cause more severe adverse effects. In the meanwhile, we have a huge need for industries. We have to find a reasonable way out for stopping the destruction of our environment but keep industries work effectively.

It’s easy to say that we should protect our nature. However, it’s more complicated to make these words come true. Due to a numerous number of different plants and factories, cars, perfumes and other things we steadily kill our nature. Multiple factors pollute the air, water, and soil. We lose natural resources and cannot recover them. It seems that humanity leads itself to self-destruction. We take more and more from nature and return too little.

Our planet lives through various catastrophes and they aren’t of natural origin. They are caused by humanity. Different industries cause the degradation of land quality, spoil the water, cut rainforest, emit hazardous pollutants into the air, induce acid rain, and global warming. This list may go on and on. The predictions can be drawn by anyone. You don’t have to be an ecological expert to resume the mentioned facts with a single sentence – Our planet dies because of us.

These horrifying facts have a negative impact on all people. We became vulnerable to many diseases and health deviations than even a decade ago. Many children are born with serious health problems that are even incurable. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 2% of all lung and cardiovascular ailments are caused by air pollution. About 5% suffer from lung cancer and chest infections.

Air pollution may be of various kinds. Everything depends on the dangerous substances that are present in the emissions of plants and factories. For example, a horrible industrial disaster that took place in India in 1984 had a negative effect on over 8,000 people. These negative traits were spotted even after two decades passed. This means that such disasters have a lasting effect and don’t manifest instantly. They negatively affect two, three or more generations.

Another common problem is associated with industrial agriculture. We consume products that contain great amounts of dangerous chemicals that steadily infect and kill us. Thus, the food we eat at McDonald’s and similar industries cannot be permitted. Unfortunately, such serious organizations as the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) don’t conduct the necessary studies. Michelle Mart, associate professor of history at Penn State Berks, claims that FDA depends on the chemical analysis conducted by food industries. These may be farming corporations or cattle producers. They have their own scientists who claim that their product is safe. However, they cannot explain why many people receive diseases of the digestive system. Of course, these were only a few examples.

On the other hand, we cannot refuse the products of the industry. They are needed to support the normal way of life. We cannot abruptly refuse from all the products issued by plants and factories. Perhaps, if we understand the reasons that lead to pollution of the environment we will find effective solutions and preventive measures. If you want to solve a problem – understand it.

So, what causes industrial pollution? Consider the following reasons:

  • Lack of controlling policies. Governments haven’t implemented plain and effective policies that can restrict the emission of pollutants. As a result, many industries easily bypass laws.
  • Unpredicted industrial increase. Oftentimes, businessmen initiate more industries than it was planned. The industrial growth causes additional problems
  • Use of wrong technologies. Many entrepreneurs try to save money and put to use outdated technologies. The others simply cannot afford expensive innovations. The use of outdated machines is one of the typical reasons why so many disasters take place.
  • Too many small industries. There are large numbers of small scale companies that don’t have sufficient funds. Commonly, they are dependent on private investors and government aid. Consequently, they may use ineffective and dangerous technologies that increase amounts of pollutants.
  • Insufficiency of waste disposal. Many industries don’t give heed to the disposal of wastes. Accordingly, major amounts of pollutants aren’t destroyed and induce health problems.
  • Refusing natural resources. There are multiple alternatives to industrial technologies. Nonetheless, they don’t bring the desired income and companies refuse them.

It’s plain to understand that we should undertake effective measures to minimize the negative effects of industry on the environment. Currently, there are a few methods that really work. However, they are not enough to prevent the upcoming catastrophe. One of the ways to solve this issue is to recognize the problems and define the factors that cause them. Afterward, the governments of all countries should find effective solutions to save our planet but keep industries alive.


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