Magazine Issue February 2013
National Association of Manufacturers

Time to Fix the US Immigration System?

The immigration issue has arisen to the forefront of political discourse – indeed it will be a major issue in 2016. But rather than making it a political football, US legislators need to look at it from a less passionate…

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Standish Executive Search, LLC

Business Growth: New Leadership Paradigms

Ventures – both new and old – need forward-thinking leaders, both humbled by and respondent to prevalent challenges. True, that’s a difficult equation, but solvable – as examples demonstrate.

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Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL); The Manufacturing Institute

Moving Beyond the Boys’ Club

The manufacturing sector – ever in need of new talent – can attract and retain a valuable human resource: talented women. Further, it can advance women up the career elevator – much to the sector’s advantage. A recent survey conducted…

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Pematec Triangel

What Provides a Natural Drive?

For Pematec Triangel, a leading, Brazilian maker of automotive parts, it’s an Amazonian plant that has paved the way to a sustainable, profitable future.

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US Manufacturing

Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Yes, but it’s qualified. A recent Washington DC event – about the state of US manufacturing – provided hope, but speakers pointed out the sector-debilitating issues that need to be immediately addressed. Once these are effectively dealt with, then –…

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HP Pelzer

Acoustically Sound

HP Pelzer engages in the most advanced – and sound - technologic and business practices. Vertical acoustic system integration is a specialty. In North America, the HP Pelzer Automotive Systems subdivision personifies that methodology, reports Dan Harvey. Click here to…

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MacLean Engineering

From the Ground Up

MacLean Engineering offers support where it’s needed: from the ground up. Manufacturing world-class machinery for miners in Canada as well as across the globe, the company’s equipment has become synonymous with the operations it performs. Lorie Greenspan heads into the…

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Metso Brasil

Rock, Paper, Success!

Present in more than 50 countries and in business for more 50 years, Metso Brasil has been playing a winning hand in Brazil, where the need for infrastructure and resources provide ideal conditions. Reuben Ford focuses on its power and…

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National Machine Group

What Price Glory?

Sometimes a company’s effort is forgotten in a heroic effort – such as the Hudson River crash and subsequent, successful rescue attempts. No problem, say The National Machine Group. It’s only doing its job, reports Dan Harvey.

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North American Stamping Group (NASG)

How Do You Overcome the Recession Especially When Focused on Automotive?

Pluck supplants good luck. Look at North American Stamping Group: This resilient enterprise – which has endured for more than 40 years – is more nervy than nervous, reports Dan Harvey.

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How is Degrémont Tapping its Resources?

This global leader in water treatment is pulling out all the stops to provide universal water management solutions. Reuben Ford explains the strategy.

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Estaf Equipamentos

Easier Access

Boasting 35 year’s experience – and wide-ranging solutions – Estaf Equipamentos rents aerial access equipment to Brazil’s industrial and construction sectors. The company evolved with its market, translating into record growth, reports Reuben Ford.

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EXM Manufacturing

Outside/Inside the “Box”

A box need not confine. Ask EXM Manufacturing. The Canadian-based enterprise offers BoxCAD technology, a computerized innovation that expands achievement. Client and company benefit, demonstrates Dan Harvey.

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Grob do Brasil

How Has Grob Grabbed a New Angle?

Look to five-axis machining. This Latin American leader in machining systems places money on new market growth. Reuben Ford describes an innovative approach.

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Pressed for Success

How Does Extension Contribute? Dayton, Ohio-based AIDA-America expands parent company footprint by building on a century-long tradition of quality, industry leadership and innovation – that’s how, explains Dan Harvey.

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Blue Giant Equipment Corporation

How Did Blue Giant Become a Material Handling Colossus?

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2013, Blue Giant Equipment Corporation makes its customers’ operations hum by offering the best loading dock and material handling equipment. Lorie Greenspan describes how it keeps on top of trends by innovating and engineering new,…

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