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Vale do Ivai

Diverse Alternatives

Paulo Adalberto Zanetti, the chief executive officer of Vale Do Ivaí, tells Lee Weingast how the company makes the most out of sugarcane, producing sugar, alcohol and more.

VIH Aviation Group

Flight Control

VIH Aviation Group is the banner under which a group of helicopter service companies operate. With safety always a top priority, the group’s services extend into the jungle, out 200-300 nautical miles or into the arctic for a rescue mission.…

Pacific Avionics

Flight Rejuvenators

Pacific Avionics & Instruments is an industry leader in avionics and instrument repair, overhaul, modification/system designs and installation, as well as service and maintenance, for commuter airlines and private fleets. David Soyka reports on how this division of IMP Group…

Grupo Produquimica

Accelerated Growth Ahead

In the last decade, Produquímica has become Brazil's leading manufacturer of micro-minerals and micronutrients. Michael Sommers discovers how innovation and bold expansion have transformed the once modest company into a driving force in the industry.

Rem Enterprises, Inc.


Rem Enterprises is at the crossroads of old-world dogma and the new millennium of advanced technologies and innovations, and even though it serves the centuries-old farming industry with grain and harrowing products, its ingenuity is nonetheless state-of-the-art. Lorie Greenspan reports.

Simisa Simioni Metalurgica Ltda.

Sugar & Steel

Marie Thomas discovers the humble origins and metamorphic growth operations of SIMISA, Brazil’s largest supplier of steel castings and turn-key plants for the sugar and alcohol industry.

Stealth® Concealment Solutions Inc.

Hidden Assets

STEALTH® Concealment Solutions, Inc. designs, engineers and fabricates concealment systems for wireless antenna towers. David Soyka gets a look at what’s behind the façade.

Overton Chicago Gear Corporation

Putting on the Heat

Aggressively pursuing success, Overton Chicago Gear Corporation continues to grind away, but as Armando Diana learns, a change in gears along with strategic direction is the secret to success.


Furniture from the Family Tree

Marel Industria de Moveis S.A. began as a family business in 1967. Based in Francisco Beltrão, in the southern Brazilian state of Paraná, the company now employs 300 people directly and has a network of representatives all over Brazil. With…


Driving Difficult Directions

Marmon-Herrington manufactures OEM solutions designed to provide all-wheel drive axles and transfer cases for class 6, 7 and 8 trucks and specialized vehicles. David Soyka reports on how a company with a longstanding history of engineering innovations dating back to…

Metalurgica Quasar

The Stamp of Progress

A successful metal stamping company, Metalúrgica Quasar has built a name for itself in supplying parts to automotive OEMs. Lee Weingast tells the story.

Newton Industria e Comercio Ltda.

Newton Industria e Comercio Ltda. | Industry Today

Almost six decades after Newton Emelino Masutti built his first shears and press brakes, Newton LTD is today one of the most important producers of this equipment in brazil as well as a significant participant in the South American market.…

Irizar Group

Model Buses

Spread out over five continents, Irizar Group, a company that specializes in the production of luxury coaches with headquarters in Spain, credits its recent jump in sales, production levels, and global expansion to its management system and workers. Rachel Hartman…

Kammann Machines, Inc.

Printing it Right

Werner Kammann Maschinenfabrik GmBH & Co. KG and its subsidiary Kammann USA have built a reputation as a leading manufacturer and service provider of high-quality printing machines using cutting-edge technology for printing on 3-d items. Janice Gable Bashman reports on…

Klabin Segall SA

Hot Property

With 15 years of experience in the Brazilian real estate market, Klabin Segall has a reputation for constructing residential apartment buildings that both befit and embellish their surroundings. It was also one of the top three best-selling construction companies in…

Koss Aerospace

High Flying

Eight miles high and rising fast, Koss Aerospace provides precision, machined components and sub-assemblies for clients in the aerospace industry. The Canadian company’s flight log spans 34 years and its passenger manifest includes some of the biggest names in aviation.…


Fabulous Floors

Established in 1985, Lauzon evolved from a local business into a leading transcontinental producer of high-end flooring products. The Canadian company has not only secured a top position in its markets, but it rightfully earned respect as an environmentally responsible…

EZ Scaffold

Achieving New Heights

EZ Scaffold has climbed higher than most people would have thought and is the leader in the scaffolding industry. Join Armando Diana as he climbs the ladder of the company’s success and learns that the secret is all about listening.


Watertight Pioneering

Recognized as one of the largest fiberglass water tank producers in Brazil, Fortlev has been in the business for 19 years and has been the market leader since 1998. Reuben Ford speaks to Sales Manager Alfredo Trajano about how Fortlev’s…

Gardner Denver

Gardner Denver | Industry Today

A world-leading industrial equipment manufacturer, Gardner Denver embraces a corporate strategy that focuses on growth through acquisition and operational excellence. This approach has led it into various industrial and international markets, where the company provides products such as air compressors,…

Great Northern Grain Terminals Ltd.

Moving Against the Grain

A unique grain handling operation, Great Northern Grain Terminals LTD boasts small-town elevator service with big-terminal performance. Make that two terminals. Multi-site and multi-faceted, the Edmonton-based business is one of the largest independent enterprises in western Canada. Dan Harvey describes…

Independent Electric & Controls Ltd.

Electricity Currents

Janice Gable Bashman reports on Independent Electric & Controls Ltd., a fast-growing company that grew from three to over 200 employees in just five years by servicing the gas, oil, mining, sawmill, and commercial industries.

Clemmer SteelCraft Technologies, Inc.

Six of One

Clemmer SteelCraft Technologies, designs, engineers and manufactures custom steel components, fabrications, mixers, dispersers, processing equipment, tanks and pressure vessels. That’s six kinds of products, sold through six divisions. But while each division operates independently, they share the expertise and facilities…

Collins Industries Ltd.

Best in Steel

Collins Industries has supported many important commercial and industrial projects by providing top grade fabricated steel. Fabricating 1200 tons of steel per month, the company is well equipped to supply North America’s infrastructure needs now and into the future.

Cyclone Manfucturing, Inc.

Aerospace’s Bright Northern Light

Boasting a 40-plus year flight record of innovation, Cyclone Manufacturing has positioned itself to effectively compete in the global aerospace industry market. Currently engaged in an Ontario-based economic development program, the company anticipates increasing value to its customers while fostering…


Green Gasification

Enerkem is a privately owned Canadian company pioneering the development and production of next generation biofuels and green chemicals. David Soyka reports on a unique clean gasification and catalysis technology that converts sorted municipal solid waste and biomass residues into…

Enesa Engenharia SA

Assembling Success

A Brazilian mechanical and electrical company, Enesa has had its hand in building the country’s infrastructure for the past 30 years. Lee Weingast speaks with Bernardo Pimenta, the company’s executive sales manager, about how Enesa has managed to provide outstanding…


Quality Construction

As a leading home builder in Mexico, CASAFIRME covers the entire construction process, from purchasing and developing land to building and selling homes. Rachel Hartman gives an in-depth look at what makes this fast-growing, Jalisco-based company a top choice for…

Axion Technologies

Axion Technologies | Industry Today

A leading provider of integrated audiovisual systems, Axion Technologies transports mass transit companies and their riders into the 21st century. Established in the 1970s as an education-tool provider, the Canadian-based company easily transferred its substantial credits from one sector to…

Grupo Bambozzi

Welded Success

In the wildly fluctuating Brazilian business environment of the 20th century, flexibility was the key to survival. Marie Thomas reports on the tenacity and talents of the Bambozzi brothers, who kept reinventing their company to keep it growing, from repairing…

Bombardier Aerospace

Jet Streams

What Bill Lear invented in 1963 his company continues to perfect and with the introduction of the advanced Learjet 85 – the first all-composite business jet on the market – Learjet, a division of Bombardier, will continue to lead in…

Canada Scaffold Supply Co. LTD.

Growth Framework

In 1951, Sam Lazarian had a dream of starting his own scaffolding company. Vision became reality in 1974. Today, Canada Scaffold Supply Company manufactures the safest, most reliable scaffolding structures in British Columbia. Dan Harvey describes how family members carry…

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