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A High-Tech, New-Look Rust Belt

Congressman Tim Ryan, who represents Ohio’s 13th district, is a lifetime resident of the nation’s Rust Belt, where manufacturing, even after all this time, remains the backbone of the region’s economy. But the famed industrial corridor is currently undergoing something…

Maintenance Crisis

In Dire Need of Maintenance

Manufacturing’s ongoing skills gap, plus its overall neglect in regards to keeping with the times and proper maintenance procedures, have developed something of a new crisis: fewer than 10 percent of manufacturing companies are estimated to have effective maintenance programs…

Plásticos Pisani SA

How Pisani Expanding Plastics?

Latin America's biggest manufacturer of plastic crates, boxes and parts researches its markets constantly to expand applications and maximize service. Reuben Ford reports on the flexible and eclectic nature of an industry leader.

Chicago Blower

Moving Air

Chicago Blower is one company that knows hot air – and cool air – as a matter of fact, any sort of air. Based in Michigan, its number one expertise is enabling critical systems to work by moving air via…

Método Engenharia

At the Vanguard of Construction

Revolutionizing building in Brazil, this innovative construction company invests in introducing new methods to a booming industry. Reuben Ford analyzes a pioneering approach.

Aeroportos Brasil Viracopos S.A.

How is Viracopos Taking Off?

This Brazilian airport undergoes extensive investment as it prepares to become the biggest and best equipped in Latin America. Reuben Ford describes a driven and dynamic approach.

Advance Machine & Engineering Company

Engineering the Best Solutions

Advance Machine & Engineering Company has maintained a solid reputation for innovative design and manufacturing of high-precision products.

Mazak Optonics Corporation

How Does Mazak Shine a Light on Innovative Fabrication Equipment?

Mazak Optonics Corporation is the leading North American supplier of laser cutting systems used for precision fabrication.

Vilma Group

After 80 Years of Making Pasta, Why Vilma Diversify?

Michael Sommers takes a look at how one of Brazil’s most traditional manufacturers of pasta is applying its reputed brand name – and expertise – to a variety of other food products.

Dodd-Frank Act

Fast Approaching

Next May marks a big month for many manufacturers: That’s the deadline for companies to reveal whether they’re using minerals that help fund genocide in conflicted areas in and around the Democratic Republic of the Congo. And while many have…

Whitehall Industries

How Does Whitehall Industries Manage Exponential Growth?

Whitehall Industries switched gears from manufacturing precision components for the copier industry to becoming a precision aluminum extrusion operation primarily serving the automotive industry. David Soyka reports on how this leading maker of automotive sunroof tracks opens up new business…

DAA Draexlmaier

How Does Draexlmaier Harness a Unique Market?

DAA Draexlmaier Automotive of America LLC designs and manufactures custom wiring harness systems and exclusive interiors for the luxury car segment, in particular BMW and Volkswagen. David Soyka reports on how this South Carolina-based division of a global component supplier…

Havlik Gear

Shifting into High Gear

The family operated Havlik companies have been into gear manufacturing for more than a century. It all started in Europe, but the organization has established a North American presence with its Havlik Gear division, which focuses on open, special, and…


How Does Locar Lighten the Load?

One of Latin America's biggest companies in the field of load lifting and special transportation increases its fleet of inter-modal transport. Reuben Ford describes the development of a one-stop solution provider that makes moving cargo easier.

U.S. Manufacturing Corp.

Truck Drivers

U.S. Manufacturing Corp. delivers a proprietary cold extrusion process in the production of shafts and axle housings and other parts for Ford, GM and Chrysler RAM trucks that are stronger and lighter weight than anything on the market. Lorie Greenspan…

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