Offers unmatched customer experience thanks to comfort, high-cleanliness and efficiency all while minimizing operational costs for airlines.

Jamco Corp., one of the most experienced interior products suppliers and turnkey aircraft interiors integrators in the industry, highlights its Venture™ Premium Class Seat; providing a maximized customer experience in terms of comfort and functionality, while mitigating airline operation costs through efficiency. What’s more, Jamco’s Venture Premium Class Seat provides enhanced cleanliness for passengers. The Venture Premium Class Seat features a modern design with capacitive touch PCU, minimal trim and seams, and augmented reality training to cater to the remote, social distancing work environment.  This lightweight, hygienic and efficient design distinguishes the Jamco Venture seat from the competition.

Jamco’s Venture reverse herring-bone business class seat is currently designed for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and 777/777X aircraft. The concept embodies Jamco’s commitment to creating premium aircraft interior products that harmonize aesthetics, comfort, cleanliness, and technology to provide best-in-class flight experience to passengers, from the moment they board to the final taxi to the gate.

Airlines benefit from the Venture seat’s sleek, industrial design, which Jamco created with sustainability in mind. The product is made with a high amount of recycled material and is lighter than its predecessors (reducing fuel costs), easy to install and requires less overall maintenance. Meanwhile, its hygienic design from minimal seams to capacitive touch PCU make cleaning easier and more effective.

With the Venture product line, seats are configured so that every passenger has direct aisle access, fully lie-flat seats, and seamless surroundings including minimal trim due to the trimless patented co-cured backshell. Additional features include a capacitive touch PCU with customizable LED colors and button icons, customizable mood lighting, elegant leather upholstery, adjustable meal tray, and an 18.5-inch entertainment screen that is mounted such that the passenger can watch in-flight entertainment from gate-to-gate. In addition, Venture’s thoughtful design minimizes weight at approximately 85 kg per passenger seat; substantially lighter than comparable models.

“During the design process of the Venture seat, our main goal was to maximize the passenger experience while minimizing the operational costs for airlines,” says Jeremy Hunter, Sr. Sales & Marketing Manager. “What we’ve created is a product that is lightweight, efficient and made with fewer parts, without compromising the integrity of the seat. We’re proud to offer a quality product that caters to the needs of both the airline and its passengers, in terms of comfort, cleanliness, and efficiency.”

Venture is currently flying on the KLM 787-10 and Air Europa 787-9 Dreamliner airplane, with additional airlines to follow. Come experience the Venture seat for yourself!

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About Jamco Corporation
Jamco Corporation is a premier supplier of Airbus and Boeing aircraft interior products in high-quality lavatories, galleys and passenger seats to airlines worldwide. Jamco is the sole supplier of 787 lavatory, galley, bar, and cockpit door and bulkhead, and also an A350XWB ICE Rear galley supplier. Jamco continues to establish the position as a key premium seat supplier by completing the construction of a FAA certified dynamic test facility. As the industry’s first ODA authorized interior integrator, Jamco supports aircraft modifications with in-house engineering, manufacturing, supplier management, and complete FAA, EASA, and CAAS STC certification, a full service provider.