Extensive selection of miter gears are ready-to-use in numerous applications.

Khk Miter Gears, Industry Today

Mineola, NY – KHK USA Inc., distributor of the market leading KHK® brand of metric gears, announces its extensive selection of miter gears. These gears are available in high precision grades to perform at demanding torques and speeds, and they are also available in commercial grades for economical applications.

Miter gears are bevel gears with two rotational axes that intersect at 90° and with a 1:1 gear ratio. They are shaped as a right circular cone and their set of gear teeth intersects at the pitch apex of each gear. The miter gear tooth profile is octoidal, in contrast to that of a cylindrical gear tooth profile which is an involute tooth form.

A variety of miter gear styles — from spiral and straight tooth to Zerol miter gears, and more — are offered by KHK to fit a wide range of high precision and commercial applications. These models span various materials, configurations, modules, and numbers of teeth. Many of the miter gears also enable secondary operations such as opening the bore, adding keyways, adding tapped holes, or reducing hub diameter.

Nylon Miter Gears, Industry Today

KHK ground spiral miter gears are available in two models. One is high strength, abrasion-resistant, and compact for high speed and torque applications. The other is affordable and re-machinable. The spiral miter gears are also available in three additional models, each with varying levels of secondary operations performed and varying numbers of teeth.

Zerol, sintered metal, plastic, injection molded, as well as multiple stainless steel and hardened metal miter gears are also available. KHK is also capable of producing angular miter gears that intersect at angles other than 90°, specifically, with shaft angles ranging from 45° to 120°.

For a catalog of available miter gears, please visit: https://www.khkgears.us/catalog/?c=fsearch&cid=miter_gears

About KHK USA Inc.
KHK USA, based in Mineola, New York, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kohara Gear Industry. KHK USA is a factory direct, full-service distributor of KHK gears with a large selection of products available off-the-shelf to meet your gearing needs. On staff application engineers assist customers with a wide selection of gears for their design and can produce customer gear quotations.

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