Volume 2 | Issue 4 | Year 1999

A division of Stoneridge, this company has made a name for itself with state-of-the-art technology and innovative manufacturing processes.

Alphabet is a division of Stoneridge, a company that can trace its roots in the automobile electronic systems business back almost to the beginning of the industry. The operating divisions of Stoneridge, based in Warren, Ohio, have been leading designers for electrical components and systems specifically for the automotive industry, medium and heavy-duty trucks and off-highway vehicles for decades. They manufacture sophisticated products that interface with vehicle electrical systems for a number of purposes: To activate equipment and accessories to monitor and display vehicle performance and to control and distribute power and electrical signals. In the automotive industry, Stoneridge designs and builds custom-made components and modules. Its engineers work closely with customers to develop parts and systems to satisfy specific needs. Alphabet has forged long time relationships with the biggest names in their respective markets, such as Ford Motor Company, which has been a customer since 1930; General Motors, since 1931; Navistar International, since 1941; John Deere, since 1965; Chrysler, since 1972; and Volvo, also since 1972. These are just a few of the names on Stoneridge’s lengthy list of satisfied customers.

Stoneridge is divided into several operating groups. Alphabet’s role is to design and manufacture power and signal distribution products and modules to interface with a vehicle’s electrical system. It is headquartered in Warren, with manufacturing facilities and sales offices throughout North America, Europe and Brazil.

Within the Pollak Division are business units producing switches, electronics and modules, information display products, actuator products and sensors. These are headquartered in Boston, Mass., with manufacturing facilities and sales offices throughout North America, Europe and Brazil.

The Berifors AB Division, in Sweden, manufactures electrical and electronic products for the European markets. Positron, in Brazil, a partially owned subsidiary of Stoneridge, makes automotive security systems and information display products, primarily for the aftermarket. Positron also provides Stoneridge with a base for expansion into the growing South American market. Alphaconn of Brazil is a joint venture company of Stoneridge and Connecto AB of Sweden. Connecto AB is a Swedish manufacturer of power distribution systems.

Experience Means Efficiency

With more than 30 years’ experience manufacturing electrical systems, Alphabet has been able to actively develop highly efficient manufacturing techniques, which allow them to handle jobs of various sizes with equal ease. They work closely with customers as required, and have the capabilities to design, produce and deliver complete electrical systems to line sequence. Among the innovative capabilities developed and utilized by Alphabet is a comprehensive system for design, analysis, manufacturing, testing and exactly on-time delivery of modular assemblies.

Keeping Up With Technology

Keeping up with technology is a challenge that Alphabet has had to meet since 1965 and continues to meet in today’s highly changed technological market. Consistent investment in all functional areas has kept the company at the forefront; a multi-million dollar investment in a new computer network integrates the latest design, engineering, manufacturing, human resource and accounting software into a complete business systems solution. Alphabet’s training facilities ensure that its employees are proficient in the use of this new system. As participants in technical committees of the Society of Automotive Engineers, they are always up to speed on new trends and technologies. Furthermore, all engineering and manufacturing facilities are QS-certified.

Anticipating the Future

Alphabet, like its parent company, has always sought new opportunities and challenges. Recently it has taken on the responsibility for design, assembly, testing and logistics of complete instrument panels for certain vehicles in their markets. This is just another reason why Alphabet has long been a success in its industry; by asking how to add more value to its customer’s pro-ducts. The philosophy of proactively designing products and systems in anticipation of future trends has kept Alphabet on top in the past, and promises to do so as well into the next millennium.

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