Volume 8 | Issue 4 | Year 2005

The leader in the design and manufacture of generator sets in the Mexican market, holding 38 percent of the national market, Ottomotores, a subsidiary of TT Electronics PLC a British Group of Companies, works diligently to keep this position by offering world class equipment, customer service, innovation and client training. Ottomotores has a manufacturing plant in the capital of Mexico, which includes an assembly area of about 5,000 square meters, and about 7,500 square meters for installations. In 2004 the company invested about $700,000 to increase the space vertically, adding second floor spaces that included an increase of 1,600 square meters. This investment also included the purchase of “ecological equipment that better allowed us to comply with the actual environmental regulations,” Plant Director Francisco Haro explained.

Last year the company manufactured 1,580 generator sets, a 30-percent increase from 2003. Currently, it exports products to industrial users in Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela as well as the Dominican Republic and Cuba. Last year Ottomotores supplied 14 generator sets for hospitals in Cuba and is currently hoping to increase its presence there in supplying to hotels as well. Exports are also going into Hong Kong, China, Bangladesh and some countries in Africa. The Philippines and Middle East represent its newest market.
Utilizing the latest technologies in manufacturing generator sets is one key to success, Haro said, adding the company relies on many suppliers to bring its products to fruition; these include Cummins Engine Co. Marathon Electric, Newage Stamford Ltd. ABB, Schneider Electric, General Electric, Volvo, MTU/Detroit Diesel, Deep Sea Electronics Plc. and other world class companies.

Ottomotores is distributing its generating sets in to the overseas market under the following brand names: Dale Electric, Dawson & Keith Ltd., Scorpio Generators Ltd. Munradtech Ltd., GenPower and Ottomotores.

Company advances
Ottomotores was founded in July 20, 1950 and in 1981 underwent a change of structure when Dale Electric acquired a 49-percent share in the company. In 1994 TT Electronics PLC acquired 100 percent of Dale Electric group including 49 percent of Ottomotores’ shares. Then, in 1997 TT Electronics PLC fully acquired all of Ottomotores shares.

A milestone for Ottomotores occurred in 2000 when the company acquired permission to distribute Mitsubishi’s uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), which utilize the latest technology in rectifiers and inverters using IGBT´s (insulated gate bipolar transistors) and proprietary technology of Mitsubishi Japan . “This is important because technology is better accepted if it comes from Europe, Japan or the United States,” Haro explained.

The company’s generating sets, which range from 12 to 2000 kW, are built with the following features:
• automatic, semi-automatic, manual (key start)
• all voltages (380/220 volts AC 50 Hz (1500 RPM), 208/120, 220/127, 380/220 440/254 and 480/277 volts AC 60 HZ
(1800 RPM)
• installation and technical support services
• repairs, acoustic canopies, trailers for mobile applications
• microprocessor design control modules made in the UK
• automatic transfer switches (ATS) and synchronizing switchgear
• diesel engines (Cummins, Deutz, Volvo, MTU/DD)
• AC generators (Marathon, Stamford, WEG)
• control system with microprocessor
• automatic transfer switches (Schneider, ABB, General Electric)

The company has also been in the midst of refining its systems for emergency use as well as energy production by enabling a connection with main power supplies to generate energy during peak hours or maximum demand. “We have some projects in the works involving generator sets that synchronize with the main power source to generate more energy,” Haro said.

Focus on the customer
“Our focus on service and the attention we provide our clients puts us in a different league. There are no holidays for us, we are available whenever the customer needs us,” Haro said. Technical support is offered 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, and the company’s policy requires that within two hours of a request for help, service will be dispatched in the Mexico City metropolitan area.

Ottomotores maintains a warehouse of original parts and each technician is dispatched on an emergency call with specialized equipment that makes them “like a storeroom on wheels,” ready to solve any problems and give clients peace of mind, Haro said. Service includes monthly preventative service, professional maintenance of generator sets, advice and technical support; certification to pick up and discard used oil according to environmental requirement laws, and emergency services as well as training courses.
Ottomotores weighs the importance of delivering a product as efficiently and promptly as possible. For example: a client can wait four weeks for delivery of a generator set from Ottomotores, versus 18 weeks for delivery from a different company. “We take pride in fulfilling the most minimal requirement, and we can supply generator sets for small applications such as restaurants or gas stations and to larger clients who need emergency energy for their industries or applications,” Haro says.

Empowering the client is another strength of the company. With a focus on service, Ottomotores educates and trains customers to have better understanding of the operations and maintenance of products. Workshops allow clients to gain practical and basic knowledge without going in-depth into applications. “We want the operator and the maintenance personnel to understand the parts and key points for the best operation of the equipment, and the quickest solution for common problems,” Haro explains.

And this is why Ottomotores has maintained its high-level visibility in a competitive market.

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