Myers Tire Supply aimed to improve customer service, reduce costs, and boost efficiency through improved inventory management.

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Myers Tire Supply aimed to improve customer service, reduce costs, and boost efficiency through improved inventory management. They took their first steps toward improvement by establishing a lean supply chain with a centralized distribution center model. Four distribution centers were strategically placed to deliver items to 32 warehouses across the country, minimizing order fulfillment time and providing a faster, optimized customer experience.

Their inventory management application was hindering their ability to scale and automate. Stocking supplies and tools for every type of vehicle required an extensive inventory, which they manage through Oracle’s JD Edwards (JDE) World ERP system – a menu-driven green screen application utilizing a legacy AS/400 database. The organization also lacked streamlined automation in critical areas such as the receiving dock, where they were relying on time-consuming, error-prone manual tracking processes.

Paul Nonno’s, director of distribution operations at Myers Tire Supply, requirements for their new Warehouse Management System included:

  1. Offer directed put away and sales order pick path optimization functionality.
  2. Manage FIFO inventory valuation and barcoding capabilities.
  3. Enable VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) and consigned inventory management in warehouses.
  4. Support vendor receipt via EDI/ASN (Electronic Data Interchange/Advance Ship Notice).
  5. Integrate with LMS/TMS (Logistic/Transportation Management System).
  6. Provide the ability to be deployed at third-party managed facilities.

As a solution, the Myers team implemented RFgen Mobile Foundations for Oracle’s JD Edwards, a mobile application development platform that includes a suite of 100+ pre-written, pre-tested Oracle-validated mobile apps specifically tailored for JDE. RFgen Mobile Foundations delivered on-demand mobile capabilities to Myers Tire Supply employees using barcode scanners and tablets – both inside and outside the four walls of the distribution center.

Myers Tire Supply achieved end-to-end automation throughout their distribution centers and beyond, supporting advancements in customer service, cost reduction through standardization, and continuing growth.

Key takeaways from the modern solutions implemented include:

  1. Improved customer service through increased inventory, order and shipping accuracy and shortened cycle time.
  2. Automated inventory management within distribution centers to support just-in-time methodology.
  3. Reduced costs of direct labor, inventory and working capital.
  4. Accelerated efficiency through end-to-end warehouse automation.
  5. Provided third-party integration and cross-platform deployment for mobile devices.
  6. Supported customer’s organizational goals in driving standardization and process excellence on their lean journey.
  7. 50-percent reduction in processing time at the receiving dock.

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