October 11, 2019

These days, you can have a session live from your class, anytime and anywhere. There are a plethora of online institutions and learning platforms which offer a range of tools, communication and resources for online learners. It is a pre-requisite to ensure that online learners are in the know when they complete their degree or other parallel courses. So, here we have come up with the top 9 features of these next-gen learning platforms which are helpful for both the teachers and students to succeed in their semester.


Social media is undoubtedly the number one medium for you to connect with your peers. However, online forums are today a perfect way for the students to discuss courses, mingle along, gets assignment help Australia or other requisite information. Forums are also an ideal outlet for the students to acquire necessary answers to the questions from fellow students or professors. You can post in your queries on the forums, and your fellow mates will reply to your queries. If you know the answer to the questions of any of the fellow student, you can reply to them, and help them with their doubts. So, in short, forums are the ideal way of collective social learning.

Assessment tools

To know how well you have understood your course, you need to take online tests and quizzes. These assessment tools are essential for the students to bridge the gap between their learning and knowledge. It will help you pinpoint the areas of improvement, based on your skill and subject. Most popular data science certification online available at TrumpLearning, do have assessment tools of their own, to check your learning ability. These tools help the learners acquire some additional practice outside the standard online projects and classwork. Please know that there are some platforms, which have special test series that only has a set of question banks for your practice. These series are available at very nominal rates, so you can purchase them once you are done with your subject, to test your learning. It will give you an exam level assessment to test your preparation.

Online Communities

If you are into the traditional school situation, you might have noted that there the students gather in the coffee shop or a campus library to review the notes and collaborate with other students. However, when you are into online learning, the degree of your education mostly depends on your individual skill. So, as an online learner, if you wish to connect with your fellow students, it can be a bit problematic. It is majorly because, in an online setup, the students are from different geographical and demographic backgrounds. So, the best medium for them to connect is online communities. You can join the prevalent communities for your course, and this will help you get clarity whenever you have any doubts or queries.

Social Engagement

In the past couple of years, when it comes to digital connection and communication, e-mail has been the rescue. Now, in both the traditional as well as the online learning platforms, the process of sending important messages and ensuring that the recipient has received and read those messages has been simplified. Today there are multiple engagement tools which help you share announcements and get instant feedback from the users. You can connect with teachers and fellow students over their social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It is undoubtedly a faster and a better medium for you to connect and get replies.

Live Feedback

In an online learning scenario, you are on your own, well, most of the times! So, when you are in an independent learning atmosphere, there are times, when you’ll feel disconnected or disinterested with your coursework. This is why one-on-one interaction with teachers is essential. To ensure that students are involved and connected throughout the course, the next-gen learning platforms have an option of live chat and feedback. So, whenever you feel that something is going off-track, you can immediately write to the teachers, and they will help you with an instant reply. Live feedback and chat mechanism is undoubtedly the best way for the student to understand and clear doubts related to their current assignments. Jeffra Nandan, who gets query like do my statistics homework, and working with TopAssignmentExperts, says that they have a live chat option on their platform, which they use to resolve the queries of the students.

Student Services

Studying is nothing short of being involved in a full-time job. Thus, having adequate tools to get that kick can assure a great, satiating experience. So, be it deciding which college is suitable for you, or helping you understand your goals and passions, the student services offered by the online learning platforms can be a great help. Whenever you need an objective opinion on any of your student queries, you can reach out to the experts on these platforms, and they’ll help you in the best manner possible.

Corporate Services

Sarah, who works with PaperDoers and offers research paper writing service, says that these days even the young corporates are into online learning. A lot of corporate employees believe in continuing education to have a competitive edge in the business world. So, if you too are a professional who wishes to advance your skills, or learn a new skill, an online course from these learning platforms can be a great help. These platforms today have a lot of corporate services for young professionals who never want to stop learning.


Learning dashboards is equally essential for teachers and college students. It is the best medium for the learners to visualize and progress through the semester via an excellent blend of assessments and reports. You can use the dashboard, to review your performance and see the areas which require improvement.

Super Gradebooks

A lot of online learning platforms now have a super grade book. These are a notch ahead of the pen and paper grade books since they offer in-depth feedback from the teachers or the experts. Using this grade book, both students and teachers can analyze the performance. So, if educators feel that a particular student is weak in a specific subject, they can help them overcome that.

Similarly, a student will know his problem areas by analyzing the dashboard and will try to work harder in that chapter or subject. Tanya, working with an online homework agency, receives multiple requests asking help to buy college essays online. She says that students these days, students regularly keep a track on their dashboard performance and work hard to amp up their grades.

Today, online learning platforms are prevalent, and the reason for their popularity can be attributed to the excellent features of these next-gen learning platforms.

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