Paper Industry Leader Builds Safety Culture With Slice, Industry TodayAustin McClure is a safety manager at International Paper’s facilities in Prattville, Alabama, where the company produces liner board for corrugated materials. Liner board is the flat cardboard that encapsulates the waffled interior of the finished corrugated product. Workers use the Slice Safety Cutter to cut plies of liner board off the roll, pulling out samples for quality control. For some applications, staff use Slice pen cutters but the Safety Cutter is by far the most popular tool, McClure tells us.

[Slice] has affected our safety record positively. But more than safety performance, [our switch to Slice] is about creating a safety culture.

“[Slice] has affected our safety record positively,” says McClure. “But more than safety performance, [our switch to Slice] is about creating a safety culture.” McClure stresses that Slice tools are part of a larger effort. He also points out that Slice worked with International Paper to ensure that the Safety Cutter’s fixed ceramic micro-blade had the right depth for IP’s applications. With workers cutting every half hour, the Safety Cutter keeps up with the facility’s demand as they look for alternatives to dangerous metal blades.


The use of dangerous metal blades


Safety culture throughout the plant


Products that help International Paper improve safety and reduce costs:

10512 Auto-Retractable Pen Cutter

00200 Safety Cutter

About International Paper
International Paper is a truly global company with operations on five continents. They manufacture paper, packaging, and pulp products with a focus on recyclable products made from renewable resources. International Paper has an ongoing commitment to reduce its environmental footprint through every step of the supply and manufacturing process.

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