Volume 5 | Issue 2 | Year 2002

TDI was founded in 1960 and started in a rented walkup overlooking the city landfill in Kearny, N.J. Today, instead of a landfill, the company oversees $180 million in annual sales as a world leader in the most critical power applications of the information age. From individual modules to complete systems to fully integrated power cabinets, TDI sets the standard for reliability and performance.

TDI covers the world with fail-safe power solutions through nine strategic facilities, including factories on three continents. TDI is dedicated to technological excellence, relentless quality control, and complete customer satisfaction.

“Our primary mission is service to solve the customer’s problem,” says Chairman and Founder Richard F. Blake. “We seek to bring our full capabilities to the doorstep of the customer via regional facilities, and it really works.” TDI has corporate and production facilities in New Jersey and regional and global plants in New England, Long Island, Texas, northern and southern California, Ireland, Mexico and Hong Kong. The company covers the globe yet focuses on local, on-site stocking, service, new product development, light manufacturing, and systems for its customers.

Targeted Solutions
TDI is focused on creating the world’s most reliable power supply platforms, serving the military, industry, and converging communications markets with elegant solutions under tight schedules. The company takes pride in powering a vast array of shipboard, airborne, and ground mobile military systems. Shipboard applications include systems for radar platforms and missiles, navigational systems, and sonar. Airborne applications include in-flight command and control of aircraft radar and communications, data, and navigation systems, along with other strategic targeting and acquisition systems. Ground mobile applications include positioning for surface-to-air guided missile systems, new weaponry, and targeting and guidance for mobile, tactical wheeled vehicles.

TDI creates reliable and rugged mobile power solutions for industry and the military in applications where shock, vibration, temperature, humidity, and salt fog rigorously test the mettle — and the metal! — of the system. Its power supplies, battery chargers, inverters and UPS systems perform reliably in demanding applications such as off-shore drilling.

TDI solutions for industrial applications also include power amplifiers, locomotive braking and communications, radar systems, electric vehicles, exploration equipment, collision avoidance, and test solutions for power supplies, batteries, and fuel cells.

Uninterruptible Power Systems
Power is the lifeline of the information age. Government and industry rely on equipment to perform flawlessly, even when the lights go out. And that’s where TDI comes in. TDI specializes in engineering power supplies, inverters and telecom power. TDI systems power a broad range of converging communications technologies, including routers, switches, virtual private networks, pico cells, cellular base stations, satellite base stations, mobile base stations, microwave links, fiber optic transmission sites, cable, switching centers, and wireless local loop systems. TDI also powers the world’s most reliable servers and mass storage systems.

Products for OEM converging communications include a broad range of standard and tailored solutions: AC-to-DC and DC-to-DC modules and N+1 redundant and uninterruptible battery backed power solutions for systems from 500W to 500kW. Its Dynaload brand of electronic loads is the recognized technology leader for testing power supplies, fuel cells, batteries, and other power equipment. TDI’s versatility allows customers to use a single load for multiple applications with unmatched precision. Dynaload Electronic Loads is the clear market leader in accuracy, versatility and value for testing power supplies, batteries and fuel cells both in the lab and on the production floor. The company’s range of solutions cover low-cost, bench-top models with front panel control and analog meters, to its new water-cooled loads that set a new standard for density with a 120kW system in just 60 inches of rack height.

Failure is Not an Option
Electronic-based commerce and communication demand reliability enhanced by multiple power sources, glitch-free power source transfer, and parallel redundancy to prohibit single-point failures. Quality is key for this global leader. TDI uses sophisticated methods of qualifying product capabilities, monitoring product performance, and ensuring continuous improvement through root cause analysis and corrective action, proving and improving every component of every product at every turn. Statistical process measurement and constant review of data assure that TDI delivers consistent product of the highest quality in the industry. Rigorous reliability standards set TDI products far ahead of the competition and make the company a proven leader. “If you ask for the very best and demand it, you often get it and that’s where we come from,” says Blake.

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