Volume 11 | Issue 2 | Year 2008

For 60 years Republic Powdered Metals, Inc. has been manufacturing restoration roof and/or wall coatings and roof membrane systems. The company has a long and storied tradition of pioneering technologies and systems that has kept roofing contractors on the cutting edge of innovation.
“Republic was one of the original reflective roof coating manufacturers,” says Penny Gift, technical product manager and 35-year employee of Republic Powdered Metals. “Now reflective roof coatings and energy savings are considered today’s innovative roofing products.”

This gift for being ahead of the market has been the cornerstone of Republic since Frank C. Sullivan founded it in 1947 when he formulated one of the original reflective roof coatings, Alumanation® 301, an asphalt-based aluminum restoration coating. With an active research and development department dedicating time and resources to constantly look for new ways to stay on the leading edge of new environmentally compliant product technologies for facility restoration, the company offers expertise in building restoration systems for roofs and walls.

“We don’t necessarily re-invent the wheel,” says Betty Shuster, Director of Marketing. “But we do find new ways and better applications for our contractors.”

Located in Medina, Ohio, Shuster says the company’s secret to success is the full service support given to registered roofing contractors throughout the United States who implement the roofing systems. She says Republic provides long-term performance to ensure that customers have the right solution to meet their specific restoration needs. Republic’s extensive line of energy-saving roof coatings and products includes black asphaltic, aluminum, acrylic and urethane for BUR, modified bitumen, weathered single ply, metal, concrete, foam and membrane roofing products.

In addition, she says Republic ensures the highest level of technical support, including project specification review, contractor training and certification, on-site project inspection and final project acceptance. She says the inspections are conducted on the customer’s site and if a restoration does not meet the standards of the ISO: 9001:2000 company the contractors are instructed to re-do the job.

The company provides the sales professionals with continuing education and training to identify problems and search for the best solution for a customer’s need. It also offers contractors seminars throughout the United States to foster strong working relationships and give contractors hands-on demonstrations, education on restoration coating options and on new products and warranty options. The company also has an “Ask the Expert” section on its Web site to help contractors and sales representatives with general questions.

“It’s that type of commitment to customer satisfaction that separates us from our competitors,” she says.

In keeping with its tradition of innovation, Republic Powdered Metals is at the forefront of positioning cold applied roof coatings as an environmentally friendly alternative to roof replacement. In short, Shuster says roof restoration can be seen as “going Green.”

Numerous corporations in the United States are putting green initiatives into practice believing that financial and environmental performance can work together to drive company growth, while taking on some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Shuster says there are no landfill concerns when roofs are restored versus replaced. In addition, there is a reduction in complex industrial production processes through restoration since contractors need less building materials that are typically needed in roof replacement.

Traditionally, cold-applied roof coatings and cements have repeatedly proven to be an effective and economical answer to solving the challenges associated with the installation of new roofing, as well as providing preventive maintenance and repair for existing roof surfaces.

The prevalent mindset in the past was for roof replacement whenever an aging roof needed work. However, Shuster says roof restoration is becoming “a more respected option in the roof industry among contractors and customers alike.”

She attributes the growing reverence for roof restoration to the inherent benefits when compared to roof replacement. To begin with, it is significantly less expensive to restore versus replace a roof in addition to requiring less work and labor costs. Further, since the roof is not coming off the building the customer enjoys minimal business disruption allowing them to keep their business moving forward rather than being forced to stop production while waiting for the roof to be installed.

Shuster also points to the increased service life of the roof through restoration and the “outstanding warranty protection with Republic” and the ease of application as other reasons why roof restoration is becoming vogue.

“Most customers are recognizing the value in being able to coat rather than repair the roof,” Shuster said.

Historically, Republic Powdered Metals, Inc., products have been designed and proven to perform at the top of their class. Shuster says the company is never content to rest on its laurels and is continually evolving to improve the product line to meet customer needs. That’s why Republic’s line of weatherproofing and reflective coating systems leads the way in roof restoration projects. Whether a customer has a roof that is metal, weathered single ply, built up or modified bitumen, or aging walls in need of new life, Republic tests virtually every imaginable application, under every conceivable type of weather and environmental condition to develop solutions that can satisfy any customer requirement.

Republic provides long-term performance to ensure that customers have the right solution to meet their specific restoration needs. Republic’s extensive line of energy-saving roof coatings and products includes black asphaltic, aluminum, acrylic and urethane for BUR, modified bitumen, weathered single ply, metal, concrete, foam and membrane roofing products. The company and its subsidiaries manufacture a variety of brands including Tremco®, DayGlo®, Bondo®, Dryvit®, Rust-Oleum® and Zinsser®.

Republic continues to produce its initial product, Alumanation® 301, an easily applied, fibrated, aluminum coating that, in one coat, provides weatherproofing and rust proofing protection. Another product family includes Solargard® acrylic elastomeric roof coatings. In August 2007 the company announced the newest addition to the Solargard family of products that was initially introduced in 1965. Solargard acrylic sealer is a high solids acrylic waterproofing sealer used for cracks in masonry as well as for metal roof seams, fasteners and penetrations.

And then there is Geogard® urethane roof coating system brands, which consist of premium, two-coat urethane roof systems that offer a waterproofing layer and a smooth, self-leveling, white reflective surface. Republic Powdered Metals also markets several roof membrane lines including Permaroof® MB, an economical weatherproofing solution ideal for restoration or replacement projects. According to Shuster, a Permaroof MB system is one of the toughest, most puncture-resistant systems on the market. Rounding out the roof membrane lines are Geoflex® PIB and Cooley® C3.

With its rich history and longevity, Republic Powdered Metals continues to be a leader in the roof restoration industry as a founding member of the Reflective Roof Coatings Institute and as members of the Cool Roof Rating Council, Roof Coatings Manufacturers Association, and the National Roofing Contractors Association.

Republic is the founding company of RPM International, Inc., a multinational holding company with subsidiaries that manufacture and market high-performance coatings, sealants and specialty chemicals primarily for maintenance and improvement. Formed in the 1970’s by Thomas C. Sullivan, son of Republic’s founder, Frank, RPM International Inc. had fiscal 2007 sales of $3.3 billion, with 63 percent to industry worldwide and the remaining 37 percent to consumers mainly in North America.

“Our commitment to restoration hasn’t changed throughout the years,” says J.K. Milliken, Vice President and General Manager of Republic Powdered Metals and 25-year employee. “We continue to offer one of the broadest product lines to meet our customers’ weatherproofing needs.”

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