Technology that is beneficial and may soon become part of standard operations at the end of the pandemic.

Coronavirus has changed many things about how we exist, communicates with each other, and conducts regular business. As closures continue to plague the restaurant and entertainment industries, owners are searching for innovative technologies to help protect their customers and staff.

Although most of the world continues to deal with the threat of COVID-19, the hope is that someday things will return to a new kind of normal. Restaurateurs will need to incorporate proper safety measures within their establishments to rebuild public trust while they venture into reopening for business.

Along with maintaining social distancing protocols like spacing out your high bar stool chairs and restricting customer capacity, some technologies are beneficial for restaurants during COVID-19. Let’s take a look at some of the technology that may soon become part of your standard operations at the end of the pandemic.

Food Labor Chain

One of the largest concerns customers have about visiting their favorite restaurants is their food safety. Food preparation and handling can be tough to regulate with the current sanitary requirements. Restaurants are responsible for keeping both their customers and employees as safe as possible during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Limiting the food labor chain is an important step towards minimizing risk. It’s recommended that you have a dedicated delivery and pickup staff that will be the only employees to handle food and packages after they exit the kitchen. All team members should be wearing both gloves and masks when handling all orders.

Payment Options

Paper currency is a breeding ground for germs and can easily be the facility that spreads the COVID-19 virus. Many restaurants have adopted a “no cash” policy to reduce the risk of infection to employees that are receiving payment.

Surfaces like the pin pads on your digital payment terminal provide a space for the virus to live up to 72 hours if not properly cleaned. Encouraging other terminal payment methods like a chip reader, Tap n’ Go, or mobile phone payments can help reduce the spread of the virus and keep both your patrons and employees safer.

Anti-Bacterial Screens

Many restaurants rely heavily on POS digital screens for their staff to dictate orders to the kitchen. These screens can be a breeding ground for all types of germs and bacteria, including COVID-19. Investing in anti-bacterial screen covers for POS systems can help reduce the risk to your waitstaff.

The emergence of voice ordering systems may also become more popular as technology advances in the post-COVID world. You can also offer personal stylus pens to help your staff to reduce the need to touch communal screens.

Virtual Menus

Menus can pass through a lot of hands in any restaurant. Although many establishments have adopted strict cleaning protocols that include wiping down menus after each use, this may not be enough to make your customers comfortable. Offering a digital menu to your patrons either at the table on portable units or available on personal smartphones is a great option.

Moving forward during the COVID-19 pandemic can be tricky for all businesses. Restaurants need to be especially sensitive to the needs and fears of their customers. Adopting rigorous sanitation standards and investing in the right technology can help you stay ahead of the game and bring your valued customers back to the table.

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