RHI Magnesita announces its selection of Tampa, Florida as the North American headquarters, which the company plans to open in Spring 2023.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – RHI Magnesita, the leading global supplier of refractory products, systems, and solutions, is proud to announce its selection of Tampa, Florida as the North American headquarters, which the company plans to open in Spring 2023.

The new headquarters will serve as the North American corporate hub for the company’s current infrastructure in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The company’s main, corporate headquarters are located in Vienna, Austria. Additional regional headquarters reside in India, China, the Netherlands, and Brazil.

“The selection of Tampa as the location for our new North American headquarters was strategic. We have seen tremendous market development within the mid-Atlantic and southeastern area of the United States,” said Craig Powell, RHI Magnesita’s Regional President, North America. “The addition of the North American headquarters will further advance RHI Magnesita’s focus on aligning our region to best serve the fluid needs of our customers and assist in recruitment of top talent,” added Powell.

As part of launching the North American headquarters, RHI Magnesita is currently evaluating options for this new location. It will incorporate a modern design that will provide customized offices, flexible working spaces, meeting rooms, and serve as a place to work that is in-tune with global shifts in the way corporate offices function. The new office is expected to house several different functions, along with corporate, and executive team members while serving as a regional and international collaboration hub.

“The choice to expand the North American presence into the Tampa area is focused on complementing our existing business goals. This expansion will act as a catalyst for us to continue growing and will not interrupt any of our current operations. As a green leader in the refractory industry, we will utilize our Tampa headquarters to further support our initiative of reducing CO2 emissions. By investing in research and technology, as well as being diligent and deliberate, we are creating change,” Powell stated. “In addition to aiding our sustainability efforts, Tampa also provides a great place to live, work, and play, supporting our commitment to being a global leader in providing dynamic and meaningful career opportunities for team members at all levels within the company,” added Powell.

About RHI Magnesita
RHI Magnesita is the leading global supplier of high-grade refractory products, systems, and solutions which are critical for high-temperature processes exceeding 1,200°C in a wide range of industries, including steel, cement, non-ferrous metals, and glass. With a vertically integrated value chain, from raw materials to refractory products and full performance-based solutions, RHI Magnesita serves customers around the world, with around 13,000 employees in 28 main production sites and more than 70 sales offices. RHI Magnesita intends to leverage its leadership in terms of revenue, scale, product portfolio and diversified geographic presence to target strategically those countries and regions benefitting from more dynamic economic growth prospects.

The Group maintains a premium listing on the Official list of the London Stock Exchange (symbol: RHIM) and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 index, with a secondary listing on the Vienna Stock Exchange (Wiener Börse). For more information please visit: www.rhimagnesita.com.

For further inquiries, please contact:
Mark Plantan
Head of Legal & Public Affairs – North America
+1 (717) 654-7326

Brandy Fink
Head of Corporate Communications – North America
+1 (717) 487-1568

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