5 features that make scissor lift tables a perfect fit for your business.

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Lift tables have, over the recent past, become a popular choice equipment for industry managers. These tables have become an integral part of the production process.

They are extensively used in warehouses, packaging and labeling industries, and most manufacturing industries. Lift tables come in numerous shapes and designs, the most popular of them being scissor lift tables.

Scissor lift tables offer not only flexibility, but also better productivity to businesses. It’s, therefore, no wonder why this table has become so popular.

Nonetheless, deciding to get the table for your industry can still be a pickle. Will it be profitable? How will it impact production? These are some of the questions you may be asking.

Below, we look into five features that make the scissor lift table perfect for your business.

1. Portability

Scissor lift tables come in different designs. Some are mobile and can be used all over the industry, while others are stationary.

Depending on the nature of your business and the reasons for getting the table, you can choose one. Both these scissor lift designs are great and can handle just about every weight you put on them.

Portable scissor lift tables work perfectly when deployed in tasks such as maintenance and construction. Fixed tables, on the other hand, work best in stationary tasks such as packaging and labeling.

2. Load capacity

Scissor lift tables can handle different load capacities. Some designs can work with lighter loads, others medium, while others heavy loads.

The tables are thus perfect for your business as you can get one that works for all your processes. Moreover, if you can’t find a scissor table that meets your load range, you don’t have to worry.

Companies such as SaxLift will customize a lift table that meets your everyday lifting and lowering needs. With a good scissor lift table, you’ll enjoy the benefits of better productivity and safety.

3. Safety features

One concern that managers always have with equipments, especially automated ones, is safety. Scissor lift tables have thus worked out a way to solve this problem.

The tables come with numerous safety features to ensure that workers are safe in their work environment. The lift tables lift, lower, load, and unload products from the conveyor belts for packaging.

By doing so, workers develop a deeper appreciation for their jobs.

Some of this table’s safety features include; thermal overload security features, pressure overload security, and even design elements.

These features reduce the risk of employee injuries due to back strains or fatigue, and electric faults.

4. Lift capacity

The main objective of having the scissor lift table is to raise and lower products through different heights. That’s why this table is so popular in the warehousing industry.

Different scissor lift tables can lift loads to different heights. Some can raise to as high as 10m or as low as 2m depending on your usage.

Some industries also get customized lift tables to suit the height they desire.

Getting a lift table that suits your business allows you to save production time and relieves your workers off this strenuous task.

5. Flexibility

The one thing that sets apart scissor lift tables from other lift tables is its flexibility. This table’s design allows it to rotate 180 degrees and can be positioned in all angles of production.

Its height is also adjustable, and the load capacity varies. Therefore, it makes an excellent addition to new product lines for your business.

The flexibility also allows the tables to work with machines of different cycles. You thus have better control over the production.


Scissor lift tables have numerous other features that can work well with your business. The features such as portability, flexibility, safety features, lift capacity, and lift heights are, however, some of the best benefits you can enjoy.

When looking to improve your productions, this table is certainly key to making those plans successful.

Therefore, when looking for a lift table, the scissor lift table should be your first priority.

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