This guide will show you the best practices for SEO.

In 2020, most businesses have come to the realization that the internet is a very powerful tool that they can use to get to their customers. With people searching the internet for products and services more than ever before, businesses need to secure the top spots of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) to get to customers quickly.

In this guide, we will help you navigate the waters when it comes to SEO and the best practices to keep your boat at full speed!

SEO benefits for B2B

SEO is the process by which you increase the value of your website, and the webpage within it. Essentially, you are creating content with the audience in mind, helping them with a problem or educating them about a subject. SEO supercharges the same by making it more alluring to search engines by tweaking some aspects of the content and webpage. There advantages of SEO optimization are:

  1. Increasing brand awareness on the Internet.
  2. Getting the image of an expert.
  3. Improving web design and site attractiveness.
  4. The ability to explore behavior and visually see the consumer’s journey to purchase.
  5. Increase in conversion.
  6. Expansion of the sales market (having a presence on the Internet, a company can offer services everywhere).

Refusal from SEO promotion promises the loss of opportunities. Remember that the 21st century is a time of technology. Users search for products on the Internet primarily because it is easy and affordable. Taking care of the correct presentation of information, presentation of the company and products, you can sell any product. All you need is quality SEO optimization.

7 steps to SEO for a manufacturing company

  1. Keywords

Google makes sense of a webpage using Keywords. So when you are creating content for your webpage, you need to include high performing low competition keywords in it to rank well. However, for most this is easier said than done. You can always burn hours and days trying to find great keywords, but we always recommend using an intuitive website keyword research tool instead.

Seo Metadata, Industry Today

  1. Metadata

These include titles and descriptions for each page on the site. They are not always shown in the SERP, but they are of great importance for search engines. By optimizing them, you will make the page more visible.

  1. Site loading speed

The indicator is critical for users of the resource. If the page takes a long time to load, a person is highly likely to go to competitors. However, the point is that Google takes user behavior into account by prioritizing sites that provide good UX. Therefore, the priority of the search engine is fast loading resources.

To reduce page load times, you need to minimize the size of your media files and also enlist the help of an experienced web developer.

  1. Web design

The look and feel of a website is one of the key things that affects UX. The easier it is for a client to find a product or section of interest, the easier and shorter the path to purchase. Therefore, SEO optimization should also include carefully thinking through the links between the pages of the site and adding appropriate navigation.

  1. Mobility

By Q4 of 2020, mobile users amounted to 58% of organic search page views, overtaking desktop users. With more traffic coming from mobile devices, webpages must be optimized for mobile devices, ensuring that the users get a smooth and intuitive user interface to greet them.

Nowadays  you can leverage powerful tools like a website audit platform to check if your website ticks all the right boxes when it comes to mobile optimization.

  1. Backlinks

They are especially important for B2B. Having links from authoritative sites to your resource, you increase the level of trust and expertise of the company.

  1. Local SEO

Should be a mandatory component of a business promotion strategy that is tied to a specific location. Aimed at adapting the site to the requirements of users in specific areas. For local SEO it is recommended to do the following:

  • sign up for Google My Business;
  • list on the website the cities in which the company operates;
  • create a page version for each served area;
  • ensure the presence of the company at other local sites.


The Internet offers as many opportunities for manufacturing companies as it does for other businesses. They need to be used. SEO promotion allows you to achieve an effective online presence. We hope you will use the above tips and will be able to take your business to the next level.

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