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May 3, 2024 Siemens Energy Powers Up Efficiency with Modern VDI

Siemens Energy overcame traditional VDI limitations with Workspot’s cloud-native solution for global, scalable VDI supporting demanding apps.

By Brad Tompkins, CEO of Workspot

For decades, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) provided a reliable solution for the energy industry, ensuring compatibility with existing infrastructure and enabling remote work. However, as enterprises such as Siemens Energy, a global leader in energy solutions, expand their workforce globally, traditional VDI is struggling to keep pace. Scaling to support a larger, geographically dispersed team and adapting to demanding applications like 3D CAD design is proving challenging.

For Siemens Energy, a shift towards hybrid infrastructure presented an opportunity. The company required a solution that could deploy and manage workloads across multiple clouds and on-premises, as well as in hybrid and remote environments using a single interface. With a workforce spread across the globe, Siemens Energy also needed high-performance and centralized management capabilities to match the demands of on-premises solutions while enabling comprehensive oversight of its dispersed end-users.

The enterprise deployed Workspot’s modern cloud-native VDI solution to empower its workforce with an efficient, scalable, and cost-effective approach to support its diverse workloads and remote teams. Through this new integration, Siemens Energy was empowered to support processing-intensive GPU and CAD workloads used by employees in 90 countries. With these capabilities, end-users could engage in critical tasks including interacting with modeling and simulation technologies to discover new energy sources, and engage with modeling apps to seek the most efficient ways to capture and transport energy.

 Additionally, the company addressed the challenge of network latency in regions like China by enabling workloads to be located closer to users for optimal performance.

Siemens Energy was also able to streamline VDI management on a global scale leading to enhanced operational efficiency. End-to-end IT observability of all VDI sessions and seamless access to applications across multiple clouds and regions enhanced the user experience, ensuring employees have the tools they need to be productive, regardless of location and GPU-powered performance requirements.

The company also future-proofed the business and maintained its market leadership by leveraging a platform that could scale up and down depending on the needs of the company and their customers. Ultimately, Siemens Energy improved total cost of ownership (TCO) and ROI was achieved through a more efficient and scalable VDI platform resulting in reduced costs.

Siemens Energy exemplifies the tangible benefits of integrating hybrid, cloud-native VDI. By leveraging a modern solution with Workspot’s multi-cloud, multi-region capabilities, the brand is ensuring consistent performance and control across diverse environments. This empowers a truly global workforce with the tools they need to drive scalability and end-user efficiency in the energy sector. 

brad tompkins workspot
Brad Tompkins

Brad Tompkins comes to Workspot with more than 25 years of experience in software and hardware sales. Prior to joining his role as CEO of Workspot, he held the position of Chief Revenue Officer at IGEL. Brad held senior sales leadership positions with Red Hat, Hewlett Packard (now Hewlett Packard Enterprise), and with Citrix. Tompkins holds an MBA in Business Administration and Management from the University of Virginia, Darden Graduate School of Business Administration and served in the US Navy as a Nuclear Propulsion Technician.


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