June 3, 2019

If you’re still living in the past and performing tedious tasks like turning your tv on by hand, it’s time to start implementing some hi-tech upgrades. Nowadays, you can simplify your home life with smart home technology, which is designed to make your home a more relaxing and safer place. To help you understand how smart home automation can improve your home life, you should take a look at these benefits.

Reduce your bills

If you’re looking to create a relaxing environment in your home, the first thing you need to do is remove any daily stresses. Most people tend to stress a lot about money, especially if they have high household bills. To reduce this stress, you can install several devices which will allow you to monitor your usage and lower your utility bills. An example of this is a smart thermostat, which can be connected to your smartphone or home hub to help you track how much heating you are using. With some devices, you can switch off your heating even when you’re away from home, which is perfect if you go away on holiday and forget to turn off your radiators. This avoids excess heating bills and also allows you to reduce your carbon footprint significantly.

Another hi-tech innovation is smart lighting, which is similar to the heating devices, as you can use your mobile phone to operate your lights. This works by connecting your phone to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-operated lightbulbs, which can be switched off from wherever you are. This technology is a popular feature in many luxury properties like those available at RW Invest, which attract a high amount of tenant demand due to their hi-tech amenities.

Secure your home

When searching for a property, you will tend to look for a home in a safe area that has sufficient security. Smart technology, like smart locks and hi-tech cameras, can take your home security up a notch and make you feel more at ease in your own home. Smart locks can be connected to your phone and are perfect if you’re rushing out in the morning and forget to lock your door, or even more convenient if you forget your key.

If you’re away from your home a lot, you could consider investing in a smart doorbell, which again can be paired with your phone and works by sending alerts to your phone when movement is detected near your home. Some devices feature a camera, which can show you who is at your door, and whether it is a delivery man or a possible intruder, you will be made aware, and you can then take action to protect your home by heading home or phoning the police.

Forget tedious chores

If you’re sick and tired of coming home from work to a messy house and having to clean, then smart cleaning technology is the perfect solution for you. This includes products like iRobot’s hi-tech hoovers which is voice-activated, so when you tell it to clean it does as its told. This way, you can come home to no spills, which allows you to unwind and reset for the following day.

Another tedious household chore that people tend to avoid is watering the garden and plants, which is a task many people forget to do and results in a dry and unruly garden. With the help of a smart irrigation system, you will never have to use a watering can again, as you can actually set a specific time to water your garden. Some are so smart that they programme themselves according to the weather and various other factors which help the devices determine when your garden needs nourishment.

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