Utilizing SMS platforms as a marketing tool for your business.

If you are in digital marketing, you will already probably be extremely familiar with organising your marketing campaigns through channels such as banner ads, email, Facebook advertising campaigns and Google Adwords. One effective channel that digital marketers tend to overlook these days is – yes, you guessed it – good old-fashioned SMS.

Supplementing your marketing strategy by using an SMS platform is a great way to increase the revenue of your business. Every man, woman and child has access to a mobile device that is capable of receiving SMS these days. The technology in everyone’s pockets provides marketers with a little-exploited marketing resource which gives them the potential to reach a highly-targeted and receptive audience.

If you are thinking about incorporating text marketing into your overall marketing strategy, but you still need a little convincing, here are some of the main benefits of using an SMS platform.

1. Simplicity

SMS platforms allow you to tap into mass communication through the sending of automated, bulk messages to existing and potential clients. You can send any number of customers an engaging message at the same time, all at just the click of a button. These messages will successfully attract people to any promotions and deals that you have running through codes and passwords contained within them.

2. Personalisation

Many people seem to have more intimate relationships with their phones than they do with real people these days. By sending a message that produces an alert directly on these devices, you are able to strike up an immediate one-to-one dialogue with a customer which draws them into your marketing promotion, making them feel like they have the attention of your company at all times of the night and day.

3. SMS Platforms Are Simple to Manage

One of the great things about SMS platforms such as TouchSMS is their ease of use. Once you have set your system up, it will be incredibly simple to manage and track each SMS campaign. Due to the fact that each recipient will have opted in to promotional campaigns from your company, you will have immediate access to their data, making it extremely straightforward to find out exactly who you are messaging and how successfully the message reaches different subsections of the population.

4. Allows for Detailed Targeting

SMS platforms give you the power to exploit the information you have regarding which social demographic your customers belong to. Providing they have opted in to receiving promotional messaging, you can target specific campaigns at different age ranges, genders, geographic locations, and many more to further increase the personalization of your messaging. This tactic of tailoring your messaging will help make your marketing campaign more sophisticated, which will ultimately serve to increase your profits.

5. Advantage Other Channels

SMS messaging consistently comes out on top when it comes to the rate with which customers open and read promotional messages. Facebook, email and other mobile apps which use push notifications lag behind with regards to customer engagement rates, meaning that promotional SMS messaging provides much more bang for the buck as a percentage of marketing budget outlay.

If you needed any convincing of the benefits of using SMS marketing as a key prong in your overall marketing strategy, this article has laid any lingering doubts to rest. By using a quality SMS marketing platform, you immediately have direct access to a massive body of your customers, allowing you to target personalised promotions at specific demographic with an extreme level of accuracy and effectiveness. Waste no more time in investigating how SMS marketing platforms can boost your customer engagement today.

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