Snap360 is a virtual showroom that brings a dealer’s collection of cars straight to the customer’s home.

SnapCell’s goal is to provide its customers with high-quality automotive video tools for dealerships across the United States. The innovative solutions can help dealers to generate more leads and build greater trust with their prospective customers.

It is for this reason why they have launched the new Snap360 tool. The virtual showroom can bring a dealer’s extensive collection of cars straight into their customers’ homes and support the buying journey.

The Snap360 Tool

Dealers can now create a 360-degree spin display of a vehicle using an iPhone, Android, or a 360 camera, such as Ricoh Theta. Each Snap360 display will take as little as 7 minutes to produce, and a potential customer will be able to view a vehicle from every angle. Plus, they could make an informed choice on a specific make or model by using the zoom and pan features. It is an ideal solution for buyers who want to identify potential flaws or review a vehicle’s design before they commit to a purchase.

It’s also possible for a customer to look inside a vehicle to review the interior and engine. Once inside, they could explore the display, steering wheel, seating, and technologies. The virtual showroom can be viewed on various mobile devices. As a result, a car shopper can review a vehicle anywhere in the world on a smartphone, laptop, desktop, or tablet computer.

The new 360 walkthrough is ideal for use on a dealer’s website and many vehicle display pages, which could help them to gain a greater appreciation of a make and model. It could ultimately encourage them to reach out to a dealership or buy a vehicle online.

In addition to supporting the buying process, the new Snap360 tool could enhance a dealer’s digital marketing efforts. It can provide a brand with more diverse content, which could strengthen their reputation, increase their social media followers, and generate positive word of mouth.

A Greater Customer Experience

Customers often make up their mind on a car before they visit a physical showroom. Many car shoppers often turn to the internet to reach a decision on a make, model, and a dealership. In fact, according to a 2019 report by McKinsey & Company, 64% of buyers will want to review extensive photographs and data on a vehicle, combined with effective search tools, to make an informed choice.

The high-quality tool can help dealers to set themselves apart from their local rivals and improve the customer experience. Thanks to the virtual showroom from SnapCell, a prospective buyer will no longer be solely reliant on dozens of images on a website. It will allow them to focus on various aspects and angles of one or more vehicles. Plus, it could help dealers to better highlight their inventory.

The high-quality walkthrough can also provide web visitors with confidence in the quality of a company’s vehicles. The 360-degree spin display will prove they run a reputable dealership, which could encourage them to reach out to learn more about a car.

Adapting to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic undoubtedly affected dealerships of every size across the US, who are now adapting to social distancing measures. To thrive during these unprecedented times, dealers must look for ways to stand apart from their rivals and attract customers. Snap360 could be a perfect solution, as it could increase showroom visits and generate greater sales online or over the phone.

The tool can also help visitors who are self-isolating at home or those hoping to minimize their exposure to public settings, as they can buy a car without stepping into a physical showroom. Their new vehicle could, therefore, help a dealer’s customers to enjoy a greater quality of life when avoiding contact with others.

The automotive digital retail experience will likely impress many web visitors, help them to learn more about the desired vehicle, and can increase trust in a brand.

Why SnapCell?

SnapCell is committed to helping US dealers to build stronger relationships with customers online and to improve their annual profitability. To do so, they have introduced various automotive video tools, such as live streaming, which are trusted by industry leaders. The high-quality tools aim to enhance the customer experience, support a dealer’s digital marketing efforts, and prevent wasted leads.

To learn more about the Snap360 tool, contact SnapCell today for more information or to schedule a free demonstration. The new 360-degree spin displays could support your sales team, grow your annual revenue, and increase your reputation in your town or city.

James Daniels, Industry Today
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