August 13, 2019

Consider for just a moment exactly where the Inland Empire is in relation to Los Angeles and just how big it really is geographically. Spanning some 27,000 square miles with more than 10 cities, you can see just how much power is drawn from the grid each and every day of the year. If you are a business or a resident in the IE, as it is often lovingly referred to, then perhaps it’s time to fully appreciate all that solar energy has to offer.

Are you wondering why there are so many people looking for the best solar installation the Inland Empire has to offer and why green energy is so important? Here’s where you’ll find just some of the reasons why solar energy is gaining momentum in the Inland Empire.

An Area of Mixed-Use Real Estate

For so many years, the Inland Empire was pretty much a rural area and still to this day you can drive through Riverside, one of the largest cities in the IE, and see horses stabled not far from commercial areas. With livestock depending on a clean environment, green energy is important. This is where solar power the Inland Empire needs is most evident. The smog wafting eastward from Los Angeles and Orange Counties alone is a serious cause for concern without adding to the problem.

Spanning both Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, there are a number of power plants in the area but only one produces electricity from coal. In fact, the good news statewide is bad news for the IE. As the last remaining power plant generating electricity from coal, Trona’s Argus Cogeneration Plant is in Inyo County, just adjacent to San Bernardino.

The smog is worsened by the burning coal, and the visibility suffers significantly, not counting the health concerns this causes. On days when the smog is especially bad, residents of both Riverside and San Bernardino start looking for the best solar company in the Inland Empire. Not only will green energy give way to cleaner air and improved visibility on roadways, but it will be a major health benefit to livestock still being raised throughout the area. Obviously, there are health concerns among residents as well.

Fear of the Rising Cost of Living

As with just about everywhere in the nation, there is a huge concern over the rapid rise in the cost of living. This has prompted a growing interest in solar costs the Inland Empire can benefit from. When seeking to reduce expenditures, the advantages of renewable energy become all the more attractive. A reduction in the ongoing cost of power is one of the biggest advantages and this is why those calculators are coming out more and more frequently.

In fact, homeowners and tenants alike are given grave cause for concern due to the fact that inflation in the Inland Empire is rising at a rate of 2.8% with housing costs rising at a rate of 3.9%. To put this in perspective, the national average is below 3% for housing, so you can see why more and more homeowners are researching the cost of solar panels the Inland Empire desperately needs at this time if they are to continue affording life in this amazing area of Southern California.

Residents are calculating just how much solar panel installation in the Inland Empire will save them over the course of the coming decade when prices are expected to continue rising at almost unprecedented rates. So, this is one of the major reasons why solar energy is gaining momentum and why so many people are now searching for a solar company in the Inland Empire.

What Homeowners Are Seeking from Solar Companies in the Inland Empire

What does any homeowner want when making improvements to their home or property? Obviously, they are looking at improvements that will add value to their investment and, make no mistake, real estate is a major investment anywhere in the State of California. As a matter of fact, it is a major investment no matter where you live and one of the largest investments most people will make throughout the course of their lifetime.

Installing solar power in the Inland Empire can add a significant amount of value to any home or commercial property simply for the savings such an installation can provide. Homeowners are also seeking the solar tax credit the Inland Empire residents and businesses are entitled to. This is why a company such as is in such high demand. Not only does this company provide solar installation in the Inland Empire area, but they also offer ‘tune-ups’ on existing solar installations.

Here, perhaps a side note is important on Semper Solaris. This particular company that serves the southern portion of the state was founded by vets and there is a program to help our veterans afford the high cost of energy. They also help consumers understand the Federal Solar Tax Credit and will provide the customer care so many companies simply won’t make time for. Vets and civilians alike recommend Semper Solaris as the best solar contractor the Inland Empire has to offer.

What to Expect from Solar Panel Costs in the Inland Empire

First of all, what electric company would offer financing when wiring your home for electricity? While solar financing options from companies like Semper Solaris can’t provide financing for wiring your home, they will help you find financing for the best solar the Inland Empire can offer.

The best solar power companies will help you determine which installation is best for your structure and such things as time of use rates the Inland Empire residents are concerned with. In response to a growing number of businesses and private consumers installing solar panels to generate power, electric companies have significantly adjusted their rates.

This means that at certain times of the day, rates for drawing current will be higher or lower, depending on demands from the grid, and so any home or business still drawing power from the grid can adjust their usage accordingly. For example, if the rates are higher during normal 9 to 5 business hours, then that would be the time to use solar generated power directly or in reserve in the battery system installed. This is a key understanding that can alter the way in which you use your installation and just how much of a savings you will realize over the course of a year.

Rebuilding After Wildfires

In addition to the savings and benefits to the environment, there is the fact that many homes and commercial structures are lost each and every year to wildfires. It’s one of the sad facts about the entire State of California, and it is more prevalent in the south with each passing year. It only takes a look at this graph on the Insurance Information Institute’s website to see just how rapidly the rate of wildfires is growing over the past couple of decades. This data gives rise to growing concerns for the future, but also a greater understanding when rebuilding for the future.

Take, for example, the Thomas Fire of December 2017. While not in the Inland Empire, it was pretty close indeed – too close for comfort to many residents of the IE. More than 2,800 structures were totally destroyed in that one fire alone that burned more than 281,000 acres and was directly or indirectly responsible for 23 deaths. To date, the cost of rebuilding is valued at over $12 billion and that figure is still rising.

Can Solar Installations Prevent Wildfires?

No, solar power was not responsible, nor did it have any relation to the fire but in the rebuilding after fires such as the Thomas Fire. However, people are also looking to the 2018 Camp Fire that burned in Butte County and is now considered to be the deadliest as well as the costliest fire in the State’s history. So far, loss exceeds $16 billion and this fire was directly ignited by faulty power lines and transformers!

What does this mean for consumers and businesses going forward? Whether rebuilding after losses sustained in fires and the resulting mudslides, or simply seeking ways to reduce current being drawn from the grid, solar power can have a significant impact. Consider what was said earlier about peak times of current consumption.

What kinds of demands do you think this is placing on the grid as it now stands? In his campaign promises, the current president has stated that America needs updated infrastructure and the grid is a vital part of the infrastructure. Could solar power be part of the solution?

More and more consumers are looking at how such things as alternative energy sources like solar power can provide benefits beyond their own family or business needs. Could a reduction in the amount of current lessen the likelihood of a fire like the Camp Fire that burned more than 90% of Paradise to the ground, reducing the size of the city by 90%. Can you imagine that for just one moment? Imagine going to sleep one night and the very next day only 10% of your hometown is still remaining, charred, but perhaps habitable.

More Pros Than Cons

Whenever contemplating a major investment like this which could impact the rest of your life, you will also realize there may be a few cons involved. Sometimes there is a con for every pro and so the advantages vs the disadvantages must be heavily weighed prior to making any buying decision. An informed purchase is always the wisest choice and so, too, is it with solar installations.

Financing can help over time, but it’s still something which must be paid. So then, is it worth the cost, even at drastically reduced prices that companies like Semper Solaris can offer during specials they run periodically? Actually, it can in more ways than you may have imagined.

Let’s look at what has been discussed thus far. The first concern was the rapid rate of inflation with no relief in sight. Secondly, there is the fact that solar energy is free for the taking. The only actual cost is the cost of solar panels and the installation and any ‘tune-ups’ required over time, but to produce energy is free for the taking. It’s a matter of the right size installation for your needs.

Next, there is the fear of wildfires sparked by an outdated and inferior electric infrastructure that just isn’t being updated quickly enough. The Camp Fire of 2018 signifies just how serious a problem we are faced with and with the population expanding as it is forecast to do, the demand on the grid will be significantly greater in the coming decades.

So, what are the cons? One would be the initial cost of an installation, but even that is overcome with the savings in power over the course of each and every year. Another disadvantage might be the disruption to your household while work is going on. However, with the right contractor, that disruption can be minimized.

Information is Key

Finally, the only other disadvantage might be not understanding all the advantages solar energy has to offer. To get the most out of free solar energy available 365 days a year, you really must understand how to use power so that you are conserving during peak hours while you store energy for later use. Can excess be fed back to the grid for further savings/rebates? That’s a possibility as well.

What this all boils down to is information that you need to make a wise decision. If you find the right contractor with a mission statement that shows they care, then you will get all the details you need to make an informed purchase. Don’t ever buy anything at all unless you know what you are getting and how it will benefit you. To do anything else would be a mistake and that’s not one Semper Solaris is willing to let you make.

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