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March 27, 2024 Solar Refrigerator Company Unveils Latest 25 cu.ft Model

Solar Refrigerator Company has announced its latest model, a solar refrigerator packed with advanced features.

Solar Refrigerator Company announces its latest product, a 25 cu ft (700L) solar refrigerator designed with luxurious stainless steel French doors, aimed at helping consumers save costs. Available at a discounted price, it is currently being offered to customers at $300 off MSRP, along with free shipping, which provides significant savings for this innovative appliance.

solar refrigerator company 25 cu ft refrigerator model

The newly launched addition to Solar Refrigerator Company’s solar refrigerator lineup features a large refrigeration storage on the top and a generous sized freezer compartment on the bottom, making it ideal for off-grid homes, boats, farms, and businesses.

This latest solar fridge operates with two compressors, allowing each section to function independently. This 25 cu ft solar refrigerator can be run with mono/poly solar panels, a rated 110Ah 12-volt deep-cycle battery, and a 15 amp 12/24v solar charge controller. The design of the entire system facilitates easy installation, which can be done either by a professional electrician or by following the detailed installation instructions included in the product pack.

Guaranteeing three years of warranty on the product, the company noted that the appliance can be powered by their leading brand of solar batteries, EcoSol Lithium Ion Batteries, which are also currently available at a reduced purchase price. Consumers interested in getting the best value from solar batteries can explore the range of batteries carried by Solar Refrigerator Company, including the 12 and 24v 100AH Lithium-Ion batteries, 12 and 24v 200AH Lithium-Ion batteries, 12 and 24v 60AH Lithium Ion batteries, as well as the 12 and 24v 50AH Lithium Ion batteries.

Customers can explore Solar Refrigerator Company’s vast solar refrigerator and solar freezer range. Their selection of solar freezers has received several positive reviews, highlighting some of the best-reviewed items, including the 3.8 cu ft (108L) solar freezer, the 1.9 cu ft (53L) RV refrigerator, the 6.2 cu ft (175L) solar freezer, and the 7.2 cu ft (205L) solar freezer.

The company’s range of solar freezers also includes options like the 21 cu ft (595L) SunStar Solar Freezer and the 15 cu ft (425L) SunStar Solar Freezer. Customers can enjoy great discounts on product prices and shipping by leveraging the ongoing promotional offer.

About Solar Refrigerator Company
Solar Refrigerator Company specializes in providing energy-efficient cooling solutions powered by solar energy. They offer a wide array of products, including solar refrigerators, solar freezers, solar panels, and various types of solar batteries. Additionally, the company supplies inverters, charge controllers, and Danfoss/Secop compressors and controllers, catering to diverse needs. Their products are designed for a range of applications, from home food storage and vaccine storage to use in farms, cabins, offices, boats, RVs, and laboratories worldwide. This commitment to delivering clean energy solutions emphasizes the company’s role in promoting sustainability and energy efficiency across the United States and globally.

Company Name: Solar Refrigerator Company
Contact Person: Colin Smith
Phone: 5202007330
Address: 1846 East Innovation Park Drive
City: Oro Valley
State: AZ
Postal Code: 85755
Country: United States


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