Volume 1 | Issue 1 | Year 2005

There is nothing more important in today’s food chain than the ability to trace and validate origins. One company that knows specifically the importance of these measures within the meat and livestock chain is AgInfoLink USA, a privately held food traceability information solutions provider, which recently received USDA Process Verification Program (PVP) approval.

A key component of AgInfoLink’s Process Verified Program is the ability to connect data across the meat and livestock supply chain. An immediate application of AgInfoLink’s PVP will be age and source verification for livestock producers and processors. AgInfoLink will deliver this verification through its approved alliance customers like Beef Verification Solutions in Kansas and Kentucky Beef Network, or directly with other approved producers.

Process Verification Program Approval is an important step in validating AgInfoLink’s traceability products. Today’s marketplace demands data verification, including source and age verification, for a growing number of marketing channels. AgInfoLink’s Process Verified Program offers an auditable information trail to substantiate a wide variety of program claims. USDA’s approval of our Process Verification System is a significant benefit for our customers.

Addressing a need

“Beef Verification Solution was originally created to address the need for animal identification within the National Animal Identification System (NAIS), but we also saw the marketplace was demanding animal traceability to satisfy consumer demands for source verification. We wanted our program to be flexible enough for Kansas farmers and ranchers to take advantage of these new market opportunities. AgInfoLink has delivered,” said Mark Nelson, Team Leader for Agriculture Solutions’ Beef Verification Solution Program.

AgInfoLink’s Process Verification Program approval gives customers the opportunity and flexibility to participate in a wide variety of marketing channels. They can collect a number of data points in order to substantiate age, source and process verification. Data collection may occur with any of AgInfoLink’s traceability tools and through third-party systems.

AgInfoLink creates Private Data Sharing Networks (PDSN) that allow the traceability of raw materials through finished food products. AgInfoLink identifies each unit of production, enables data collection, provides secure data storage, and facilitates data transfer and sharing according to the business rules established by PDSN customers. A primary benefit of the PDSN is that it can connect databases from different companies and provide a coherent cross-company information flow and end-to-end data integrity.

Today’s sophisticated food consumers want to know more about the food they eat. They want to know where it came from, how it was produced and who produced it. In an effort to satisfy the information hungry public, the food industry has made significant strides in labeling and branding to provide consumers the information they desire.

USDA’s Process Verified Program provides agricultural producers the opportunity to assure customers of their ability to provide consistent quality products. This is accomplished through documented processes verified through independent and third party audits.ÿUSDA Process Verified suppliers are able to make marketing claims related to breed, feeding practices, or other raising and processing claims.

According to Glenn Smith, AgInfoLink USA Country Manager, “AgInfoLink’s recent Process Verified Program approval allows livestock producers to collect and verify data on individual animals and use this information for age and source verification. Utilizing AgInfoLink’s program, producers gain valuable access to a large number of specialized marketing programs.”

Founded in 1997, AgInfoLink designs and develops secure, high quality, traceability solutions for the world’s food supply. The company’s products provide the food industry with data collection, secure data transmission, data warehousing, reporting and analysis tools for increasing profits and reducing risk. AgInfoLink solutions provide customers increased efficiencies, increased commodity value, and “value traceability” from the farm to the table. The company’s headquarters are located in Longmont, Colo. Visit www.aginfolink.com

AgInfoLink Global will present at the major conference Food Traceability Dallas Feb 1-2, 2006. For further details please visit www.trackingfood.com

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