Here are some of the questions you should look to answer before committing to office space.

Not everyone is abandoning the office. Some work still needs to be done by people in office settings:

  • Manufacturing
  • Prototyping
  • Media production
  • Food service
  • Retail, grocery, pharmacy
  • Laboratories

Public servants also have a need for commercial space. And that commercial space does not come cheap. If you are just getting started in an industry that requires you to have commercial space, you might become overwhelmed by all the things you need to know about how to choose.

It is not just a simple matter of how much space you need and how much money you have. A lot goes into picking the right space for your needs. You will save a lot of money by purchasing an unused warehouse and converting it into a hipster office space. This is a very popular trend. But it is a trend with pitfalls if you are not careful.

You also have to carefully weigh the options of leasing as opposed to an outright purchase. If you lease, you might save quite a bit of money in the short term. But if there are serious alterations needed, you might not have permission to make them. That is why it is extremely important to know what to look for up front. Here are just a few questions you will want to satisfy before signing on the dotted line:

What Kind of Wiring Does It have?

If you are getting a great deal on the building you are considering, chances are it isn’t brand new. If it was built before 1970, there is a good chance it could have knob and tube wiring. If it does, you are going to need a knob and tube replacement specialist. That form of wiring has been around before the turn of the century – no, not this century, the last one. There are good reasons why you will want to replace it. This, according to Networx:

This wiring system literally consists of ceramic knobs and tubes which hold rubber-insulated wires in place. Today, it’s considered a safety hazard for two reasons. First, the rubber insulation tends to degrade, resulting in exposed wires that put your home at risk of short circuits or fires. It’s especially dangerous in close proximity to fiberglass insulation. Second, there are only 2 types of wires – hot (black) and neutral (white) – with no ground wire to protect against electric shock.

Wiring is very important because you are going to need a lot of power to run your business. And you need to know that you can do it safely. Check it out before you short it out.

What Kind of Internet Connectivity Can You Get?

High bandwidth and speed are among the top tools for your workforce. If you have an outside sales team and a significant portion of your employees working remotely, you need to be able to maintain communication. Connectivity is even more important for the workers that are on-prem.

Not all of that connectivity will be wired. Some will be mobile. What kind of signal does that location get? Who is the internet provider and are they offering the fastest and most reliable broadband for businesses? Your good deal on the building is worthless if your internet connectivity is subpar.

Has the Building Been Checked for Mold and Lead?

If the building has been unoccupied for some time, there is a good chance it will have some issues with mold and lead. This is true even if there has only been a partial shut down of the building for something like a pandemic. Stagnant water remaining in the pipes is a catalyst for mold growth. In fact, mold can grow on just about any surface. Lead and other metals can get into the drinking water from corroded pipes.

Post-pandemic, there will be a rush to buy or lease existing commercial spaces. A lot of people will not know how to assess the space beyond metrics such as size and price. Take those into consideration along with the type of electrical wiring, the quality of connectivity, and the presence of toxins.

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