Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) solutions help to increase productivity and streamline collaboration.

There are many emerging VoIP industry trends for business owners to pay attention to in 2020. Many businesses implement voice over internet protocol (VoIP) solutions to increase productivity and help streamline collaboration. VoIP systems achieve this by unifying all business communications under one system. Due to recent important cloud advances of the decade, many significant trends are emerging within the VoIP market. More than ever, businesses are utilizing the cloud, going mobile and collaborating across the globe. As an industry leader, you need to be familiar with such advancements. Read on to discover some of these emerging VoIP industry trends to watch in 2020.

Mobile Communication Unification

With more companies going remote and teams working from different locations, mobile communication unification continues to increase throughout the industry. Due to the prevalence of mobile phones and their increased versatility, many industry leaders are adding mobile VoIP solutions. The fusion of mobile devices’ capabilities and VoIP systems increases communication efficiency anytime and anywhere. Now, users can access the VoIP system directly from an app on their mobile device. By adopting these solutions, businesses expand their communication and customer service networks rapidly. Certainly, mobile communication unification solutions are on of the hottest trends to observe in 2020.

Artificial Intelligence

Next, the industry will continue to see the expansion of artificial intelligence VoIP solutions. AI already increases the efficiency of various call centers by answering common customer questions. In fact, implementing artificial intelligence in your business’s own VoIP systems to perform this same task can save time for both your employees and your customers. However, many industry leaders are already employing VoIP AI for more advanced features. Some AI backed solutions can predict customer behaviors, automate sales processes and boost threat prevention, further increasing the efficiency of their telecommunications. Absolutely, AI adoptions are driving new innovations for companies in the VoIP market.

VoIP Phone Integrations

Industry leaders implement VoIP phone systems not only to save costs, but also to integrate them with other cloud solutions. These internet-based management solutions include CRM systems, inventory managers, accounting software and customer service portals. Quick access to data provided by these platforms dramatically increases communication efficiency between employees and managers. The best VoIP business phone system options integrate seamlessly with your existing business applications and data. In addition, when receiving a customer service call, employees will be able to pull up their customer’s data instantly. This enables a much faster response to customer questions, which will also boost customer trust in your brand. Of course, VoIP phone systems are an already existing trend to pay attention to in 2020 and beyond.

Security Considerations

Many VoIP industry leaders are evaluating and reevaluating the security protocols of their VoIP services. Since VoIP services operate over an internet connection, they are vulnerable to cyberattacks. Reducing the risk of security breaches is imperative in keeping your business operational. Many industry leaders prepare their networks by increasing their cybersecurity before the implementation of their VoIP systems. Virus & spyware protection, as well as the use of IP address VPNs, are some examples of cybersecurity solutions the industry is trending toward. Additionally, VoIP solutions themselves often include various security measures such as firewalls and spam filters.  Definitely, security considerations are a trend shaping the VoIP industry this year.

5G Implementation

The implementation of 5G technology is another VoIP industry trend to keep an eye on. Despite its emerging role in VoIP technology, many business owners are still unsure about what is 5G. Simply, 5G technology eliminates latency, resulting in faster response rates. Of course, faster response times allow you to resolve customer inquiries quickly, as well as streamline communication and collaboration between employees. Additionally, 5G implementation results in faster mobile broadband connections and better network capabilities. This increases the reliability of your business’s internet and VoIP services. Therefore, many industries adopt 5G as a new standard of connectivity and reliability. Surely, 5G implementation has a significant impact on the VoIP industry in 2020.

Different digital and cloud-based advances have led to various trends in the VoIP industry. Mobile communication unification solutions will expand your business’s reach to the global scale. Another trend is the use of artificial intelligence to automate the answers to common customer questions. VoIP phone systems have been around for a while, but are still a great trend to observe due to how they integrate with various industries. Security considerations represent an additional trend, reducing the risks of security breaches via your internet phone lines. Finally, the implementation of 5G increases connection and response times.  When wondering which VoIP industry trend to keep an eye on, consider the trends described above.

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