A look at the strong contenders that might benefit from acquiring a drone.

Over the last decade, technology has advanced at an incredible rate. While that’s true for personal use, it’s doubly true for business services. While hobbyists can find affordable enjoyment in piloting a drone at the park, a wide variety of businesses are able to improve services and efficiency by employing aerial drones. Particularly as drones become increasingly affordable and the capabilities of aerial drones improve, consider whether your business will benefit from acquiring one. Here are a few strong contenders.

1: Agriculture

In a world with an ever-increasing population, improvements in the efficiency of agriculture are critical to delivering enough food and consumer products around the world. In the same way that mechanical harvesters or the cotton gin revolutionized farming, so too will the advent of readily accessible aerial drones. Being able to quickly inspect crops for disease, keep an eye out for swarms of pests, and spot check problems with irrigation are essential practices for modern farmers. Whether you grow essential foodstuffs of export crops like tobacco or cotton, an aerial drone is a solid long term investment in success.

2: Insurance

Insurance agents and adjusters are on the front lines of any disaster scenario. Whether it’s a car accident, a house fire, or even a natural disaster, people depend on insurance companies to quickly assess the situation and deliver financial relief. Using drone inspection to assess damage after a natural disaster is quickly becoming the best method for quickly figuring out how bad the damage is. Being able to receive a claim, inspect the damage with an aerial drone, and provide a payout to people in need is essential. Faster, more accurate payments are not only good for the customer, who has already been through significant stress, but also good for the insurance company. Using drone inspection is good for the customer and equally as good for the bottom line and reputation of any insurance business.

3: Real Estate

The housing market can be volatile in the best of times. As any good real estate buyer or seller knows, marketing a property correctly can make or break the sales potential and value. Using a drone to take high-quality photos of a property from a variety of angles is becoming increasingly important and expected. In the same way as a quality staging and well-landscaped yard, buyers are coming to expect aerial photos of the roof, property layout, and neighborhood views. With the real estate market becoming increasingly competitive, a drone is an essential tool to get a leg up on the competition.

4: Mining and Logging

Even in the high-tech, service-oriented economy of today, mining and logging remain essential. A drone employed in these industries can be helpful in several ways, the most important of which is worker safety. Being able to use an aerial drone to inspect sites for safety hazards is significantly more efficient and effective than a single safety inspector on the ground. In addition to safety issues, a drone can also help locate additional staging areas or hard to find minerals and other natural resources.

5: Security Services

This can be a dangerous world, and many companies hire security contractors to keep their businesses and employees safe. While on the ground security officers can never be replaced, giving them the tools to do their job is absolutely essential. In the hands of a security guard, an aerial drone with a camera attached can view far more than an entire network of CCTV cameras. Any security contractor should consider adding one to their inventory.

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