Volume 7 | Issue 6 | Year 2004

While other industries have been struggling along, the construction industry seems to be doing just fine, thank you. That’s been good news for Eagle Roofing Products. The past few years have meant some hard times for many manufacturers, but for Eagle, business is better than ever. “We have grown significantly over the last seven years. The work has been extremely steady, even in this tough economy,” says Director of Marketing Simon Perkic. “The construction market is very strong and there is a continuing demand for concrete roof tile. Tract builders are keeping us busy and we’re doing everything we can to add capacity to keep up with the high demand.”

Burlingame Industries has been in concrete roof tile since 1963. In 1989, the company introduced Eagle Roofing Products to fill a niche market with custom home roofing and lightweight re-roofing products. From these family roots, Eagle’s business philosophy and vision has originated and blossomed. “Eagle began operations in the fall of 1989 with just one high-pressure tile extrusion machine. Today, Eagle’s Rialto, Calif. roof tile manufacturing facility is the world’s single largest,” says Perkic. “Our Phoenix facility is growing rapidly and with the addition of our Stockton, Calif., plant, Eagle’s total capacity is a major manufacturing presence in the Southwestern United States.”

On the Line
This locally owned, privately held, family organization is all about innovation and adding to its already impressive product line. “We’re constantly innovating and adding new selections,” says Perkic. “We have high and low profile tiles and flat tiles. Plus, we recently extended the color palette of some of our popular lines, introducing a classic series and a designer series with designer color blends.”

Eagle Roofing Products’ superior standard weight and lightweight concrete roofing tiles are produced in its state-of-the-art production facilities currently located in Southern California and Phoenix. It attributes Team Eagle to its continuing success. “Team Eagle is a group of service specialists headed by a management team which has played a major role in the design, production and marketing of concrete roofing products throughout America over the past 35 years,” says Perkic. “Our goal is simply to provide our customers with the highest level of service. We do this by hiring quality people. People have always been our best asset.” Along with a 600-plus-person team at the Rialto, Calif. facility, Eagle continues to increase this valuable asset, an asset that reaches the Western United States through Eagle field representatives, an extension of a professional team dedicated to serving Eagle customers’ needs. Eagle also maintains design center facilities in Irvine, Calif. and Denver, Colo.

Eagle’s Phoenix plant opened in 1999 and another plant in Stockton, Calif., the company’s largest single facility, is due to open in late 2004. “We’re also expanding capacities in our Rialto plant and Phoenix adding additional equipment and production lines to keep up with high demand,” says Perkic. Eagle is unique in the industry in that it produces the actual equipment its roof tiles are made on. “We’ve helped develop this technology and improved it over the years. While other companies may use other machinery or several machines to do one job, we’ve created our own manufacturing equipment and systems to create the ultimate roof tile. It just gives our customers a superior product at the most competitive cost.”

Tile Time
The names are as enticing as the Western cities and regions that have inspired them – Malibu, Bel Air, Camino Real, Capistrano, Ponderosa, making Eagle’s products sound almost as gorgeous as they look.

Eagle has developed a marquis product line featuring three major roof tile brands: American Heirloom, Camino Real and Cityscapes. “All of these brands are based on our Eagle design styles. From this core group, we have expanded the custom color combinations and design possibilities for creating a truly unique looking, fire safe roof,” says Perkic. In order to develop its brands, Eagle looked to its customers for feedback. With that information gathered, it enlisted the help of professional color consultants and architects to further develop the line. “This team of exterior design specialists has created what we feel are professional design color palettes that are on the cutting edge of today’s color and design trends for exterior products. The Eagle brands are versatile in price and style, yet still answer the latest trends in urban planning and architecture.”

The American Heirloom roof tile references the natural, historic colors and materials of roofing, which draws from classic periods of the past. It is a roof tile, which works well with today’s exteriors and architectural demands. “This is a collection of the finest roof tiles available, suitable for the diverse architectural heritage of Western design,” says Perkic. “From California Ranch to Spanish Villa, from Victorian to American Classic, each profile is manufactured in colors to complement each architectural theme. Whether you choose from Old Southwest, with its historic mission look, Timber Range, with its deeply grooved wood shake shingle appearance, our Seaboard Quarry, with its intrinsic slate characteristics, these are not just attractive choices but excellent solutions to today’s most difficult roofing challenges.”

The Camino Real Collection echoes early Spanish architecture and this Southwestern style of roof tile collection boasts two distinctly different looks – a smooth surface, and a textured brushed surface. “The three brushed colors we offer are reminiscent of old world buildings. Our time-tested techniques have allowed us to create an authentic, rustic appearance,” says Perkic.

Eagle’s new Cityscapes collection of blends is versatile in both color and design. These specially engineered concrete roof tiles are available in tonal ranges with soft hues that complement every architectural style. Whether customers choose Prairie or California Ranch, the natural wood shake look of New Orleans, Hershey, Nantucket or Arlington the product is sure to convey the underlying reference of wood tones.

“For over 14 years, Eagle Roofing Products has earned a solid reputation as a leader in the roofing industry. We have built our reputation by following our vision to provide quality products through value added service,” says Perkic. “Its our diverse capabilities, foresight and innovative solutions that allow us to respond to the changing marketplace, addressing traditional customer needs and meeting the every changing challenges presented by our industry.”

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