November 4, 2019

Are you in the market for online translation solutions? Find out why you need a translation agency as opposed to freelancers for your company.

Picture this scenario. Steady growth has been the mantra your business has been chanting for a while now. Consequently, you feel that it is finally time to expand its borders. Your market research of potential areas to delve into has shown some prospects in other countries. You are sure they need your products. The only question is: how can you reach this new market? Plus, the ethnic diversity of some countries like the US is enough to necessitate online translation services for any company operating within its borders. If you are conducting your business in the country, expanding to another state might be similar to another country. More so, if there is a sizable population that does not speak English natively living there.

Communication is essential. You need to echo your motto, vision, and solutions to these people. Plus, you should do it in a language that they understand. People are more likely to respond to the services you offer if you reach out to them in their native tongue. So, you need to translate this vital information to your potential customer base.

At this stage, you will be faced with a tricky conundrum—should you hire freelancers or a translation agency to take care of the communication? In this post, we will take a look at why the latter is better when your firm needs online translation services.

The Shortcomings of Freelance Online Translation Solutions

The most obvious benefit of choosing freelancers to provide the services you need is the price tag they quote. Thus, many business owners would opt for such services to save on money. However, people do not consider low costs to be synonymous with top-notch quality. In this case, the belief rings true. Note that translation is not a simple task. Knowledge of a second language, no matter how advanced, may not be adequate to provide this service professionally.

Professionalism is an aspect that freelancers lack. Many of the websites that offer clients access to freelance translators are not very strict when it comes to sourcing people to provide the service. In most cases, applicants open an account and demonstrate some proficiency in a second language. The company will not go deep into your qualifications before you start completing orders for their customers. Sure, you will still get the online translation done; however, quality is vital to get the best solution to foster your organization’s expansion.

A translation agency should have certain qualities that are critical for any organization. So, go through the two considerations business owners should make before they choose an online translation company. Understand the two elements and compare them with the potential needs of your firm when it finally takes the first step in a different country.

An Effective Translation Agency: Qualities to Look for

Before you decide on an organization to help you find out if they can deliver on the two qualities below.

A Wide Array of Dialects and Other Service Options

Globalization has had numerous effects on the individual economies of countries. These days, it is difficult to operate a business in one country without ever having to interact with another country. When this happens, it is crucial to be able to communicate with the other country in a tongue that they use natively. Moreover, launching your product in a different region opens you up to possibilities of interacting with other entities that may very well use a different dialect. Therefore, when you are venturing into new territories with your products, it is essential to make sure that you are not limited to just that one language. Hence, you should look for a company that offers a wide variety of different dialects.

You undoubtedly hope to grow your business beyond just your first time out. So, when you choose an online translation solution, ensure the service provider’s products are comprehensive enough to handle all your future needs. With that, you will not have to start the process of finding a different service provider the next time your organization is ready to spread its wings again.

Qualifications You Can Rely On

Proficiency in another language may be adequate for interpretation but not translation. Interpreters work in a real-time setting. That is why being adept to another language can make you a decent interpreter. On the other hand, when it comes to translation, there are a lot more skills to master. Thus, you need to find a company that values these skills and has the personnel to deliver quality. These qualifications include:

  • An American Translators Association (ATA) certification may be necessary. Translation, like any other profession, has a body that governs its standards.
  • A company that provides a Certified Translation (CT) seal may prove to be beneficial. This item gives the translation provided more credibility. The seal is crucial for drafting legal documents from one language to another.
  • The translators need to be educated. A bachelor’s degree may suffice. They need to acquire some contextual understanding of the literature they are translating. This increases the accuracy of translations.
  • Lastly, you need to work with individuals that have proficiency qualifications in two or more languages. Advanced understanding of a dialect is what you should look for from an online translation firm. Each tongue has its grammar that is vital when information is delivered in a written form. Plus, a rich vocabulary would improve the quality of the project.


If the organization you are vetting has the above factors handled, it is probably the right choice. Additionally, you should also pay attention to whether they use a mixture of human and machine translation or just one of them. The former offers a higher accuracy for text while the latter is faster. On that note, consider the kinds of projects you need to be translated, and the timelines you are working with. Also, you need a company that works in-house to maintain consistency in the quality of your project. First, figure out your own needs before you can source assistance.

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