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July 20, 2023 UltraFlex Induction Brazing Miniature Steel Assembly

When this induction brazing process is moved to production, it will ensure consistent brazing results, repeatability & higher productivity.

UltraFlex Power Technologies, a leading manufacturer of advanced digitally controlled induction heaters, has recently demonstrated an energy-efficient induction brazing process for miniature stainless-steel assemblies. The demo application was set up for a manufacturer of cryogenic cooling solutions who was looking for ways to increase the energy efficiency and quality of their brazing processes using induction.

The application involved the reliable brazing of two stainless-steel fittings and a tube at a maximum temperature of 700°C. To meet the heating requirements, UltraFlex engineers recommended using an UltraHeat SBT series induction heater, a high-frequency induction heater that is ideal for soldering and brazing small components and parts, such as circuit board connectors, RF connectors, and cable end connectors. With a frequency range of 700 kHz – 1.2 MHz and the latest switching power supply technology, the UltraHeat SBT proved to be the perfect solution for the job.

During the demo application, insulation material was used as a fixture, with one of the fittings placed inside the coil. The brazing process was performed using a flux that provided good protection of the joint. The result was a successful and reliable brazing of the sample parts, while using only a fraction of the energy used by traditional methods.

To ensure the high quality of the joint, the sample parts were tested with compressed air for leaks and examined under a microscope. The microscope inspection confirmed the uniformity of the joint and the complete absence of cracks or shallow spots.

The demo application setup also helped identify options for optimizing the induction heating setup for even higher energy and time efficiency. UltraFlex engineers recommended using a custom induction coil and 2 or 3 brazing rings per joint, depending on the fitting.

When this induction brazing process is transferred to the production line, it will ensure consistent brazing results every time, repeatability, and increased productivity. Additionally, the lack of open flames, fumes, or smoke makes the process clean and safe for both the operator and the environment.

Overall, UltraFlex’s induction brazing process is an innovative solution for the brazing of miniature stainless-steel assemblies, offering high-quality, efficient, and safe results.

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About UltraFlex Power Technologies:
UltraFlex Power Technologies (ultraflexpower.com) offers the most advanced and innovative digitally controlled induction heating equipment in the industry. Its compact modular and flexible systems are used for a wide variety of induction heating, casting and melting applications.


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