With technology transforming customer relationship management a look at ways to use technology to improve customer relations.

There is no business owner that doesn’t want to see their customers happy. Good customer relations are vital to the growth of any business, and overlooking customer relationship management (CRM) will only drive your customers to your rivals.

Technology has transformed customer relationship management, with many online-based businesses using comprehensive software to engage and follow up on their customers. Here are ways you can use technology to improve customer relations:

1. Invest in a CRM tool

Contrary to popular belief, CRM tools are not meant for big companies only. CRM software allows businesses of all sizes to communicate with their customers and prospects. If you are looking for the best CRM for small business, consider budget, inclusivity, and your short and long term plans. If you have no expansion plans in the foreseeable future, you shouldn’t splurge on a CRM tool with features you are not likely to use. CRM tools help you understand customer needs by tracking their activities before, during, and after doing business with you.

2. Develop an app

If your business is the kind that necessitates building long-term relationships with customers, then a mobile app can be of great help. Apps help businesses share content with their loyal customers without having to fight for attention with third party marketing content. If you are going to invest in an app, ensure it is simple, easy to navigate, and useful to the customer and you.

3. Automate data analysis

Artificial intelligence is the future of data analysis. As a business, you can use it to monitor customer habits and create personalized marketing content. Most CRM tools use AI and machine learning to establish patterns and understand the needs of specific customers. The business can then use the data to adjust its services to the liking of its customers.

4. Automate marketing

A good CRM tool should not just help you make sense of the data in your hands and leave you hanging there. It should help you use the data to increase business as well.

You should be able to calibrate the system to send personalized information to customers at specific days and times.

The key to good customer relations is constant communication. Every time you speak to a customer, you remind them that your business exists and that they matter to you. This can evoke loyalty and earn you customers that are also willing to serve as brand ambassadors.

5. Install a chatbot

The recent surge in popularity of chatbots can only be attributed to one thing: their effectiveness. Chatbots give instantaneous responses to customers and prospects and save customer support agents the hassle of answering the same questions repeatedly.

Most chatbots are AI-driven, meaning they will continue learning and getting better with time. Consequently, customer satisfaction will increase, and so will conversions and revenue.


These are some of the ways you can use technology to enhance customer relations. When choosing a CRM tool, consider its ability to perform the above functions.

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