Read on to find some intriguing features of marketing automation software to help workflow.

Let’s consider that you are the Marketing Strategist at a start-up that requires you to send emails to potential leads, track landing page interactions, etc. Meanwhile, you are also responsible for working out other effective strategies and creative campaigns to convert more leads to sales.

Due to repetitive activities that demand consistent attention, your focus on the curation of ideas to optimize ROI, and potent leads takes a toll. Here’s how you can ramp up your efficiency, and consider shifting your focus towards tasks that require your utmost attention. With the help of marketing automation software, you can ensure workflow automation and business development! Read on to find some intriguing features of the same!

Tapping the Marketing Intelligence

Marketing automation software can ensure producing personalized content by tailoring messages for each client. Now, how do they do this: by making sure that ‘Consumer behaviour analysis’ remains one of the significant motives. Additionally, automation can also time the process of reaching out to the leads, depending on the stage of the consumer lifecycle! Practices such as retargeting can help boost conversion rates by a whopping 150%.

A survey by Infosys points out that 86% of consumers believe personalization impacts what they purchase. Thus, AI is leveraged to study patterns in consumer choices, drive personalization, multichannel reach, timing the campaigns, data segmentation, etc., thereby helping marketers stay ahead in the game. CRM and email automation thus form essential features of marketing automation.

Build Your Landing page

These pages need to be carefully designed and constructed since they have the power to truly showcase the features of the brand or product and much more, thereby being the critical factor in lead generation. Automation is easily one of the effective methods to drive traffic, improve SEO, and build your brand, all of which serve a crucial purpose. Thus, landing pages play a vital role, since when all the campaigns come into effect, it is the landing pages in the spotlight! Marketing automation systems have readymade templates to create your landing pages! These tools can thus help fasten this process while also providing various optimizations that would suit your requirements.

Get Insightful Analytics

Let’s get real, consumers’ purchasing patterns are complex, and your target market is no different. Tracking your customers through the buyer’s journey does help; however, predictive analytics can help make sound decisions on effective marketing. After numerous marketing campaigns and strategies that you’ve implemented, you need to truly measure the ROI for the channelized efforts that you’ve put! The process of marketing automation assists you by providing this information.

Predictive analytics uses past data that is gathered to predict and thereby help in making future decisions. According to Forbes, predictive marketers are 2.9 times more likely to report revenue growth at rates higher than the industry average. Marketing automation tools use techniques like data mining, machine learning, and pattern recognition to create predictive models. This analysis helps in higher quality leads and a higher return-on-investment (ROI) rate.

Based on this information, you can determine the marketing campaigns that are successful and the ones you’d need to optimize to lead to better results! Based on the signs of trouble and opportunity provided through predictive analytics by the software, you can plan your next action!

Smooth and A Systematic Workflow

With good marketing automation features that speed up the routine tasks, marketers get to spend time on tasks that truly require their expertise and attention. Thus, using automation tools calls for a smooth and organized workflow, while the quality and productivity remain high!

Social Media Marketing and Automation

Today, we see numerous brands and firms trying to up their marketing game, to capture the attention of the ever-growing GenZ population. It is indeed true that they are considering creative pursuits to put their best foot forward! To facilitate this task and analyze engagement and reach, marketing automation software plays a vital role. The robust analysis is hence, a significant feature of social media automation.

Automated responses on social media platforms are also taken care of by these tools! Especially when agents are unavailable, this feature helps prospects stay engaged and provides assistance to them. Social media channels are the best ways to interact with your customers directly! Thus, tools with automated responses would prove beneficial.

Highlighted above are the key features of ‘Marketing Automation,’ there is a multitude of tools that exist to undertake this. Marketing automation also gives marketers the ability to create cross-channel activities that deliver a consistent and connected customer experience. Being able to provide the right content, at the right time, to the right customers, in turn, nurtures their trust for the brand, and this is what marketing automation would help you achieve!

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