There are many brands to choose from in the automotive arena. Here we take a look at what’s available to fit the family.

Are you looking to buy a new family car? If you are, you’re probably a bit overwhelmed by now. It’s a crowded market, with heaps of brands trying to show you exactly why they are the best option for your needs. At times, it can get a little overwhelming.

Yet if you step back and consider a few different angles, you’ll find the decision a breeze. So, we’ve put together this guide for fitting the family, and as you read on, you’ll discover what to look for in a family car.

How Many Seats?

If you’re a large family, you’re going to want to look at 8 seater cars. Figure out how many people you need to carry regularly and decide on some makes and models that suit your needs.

Does it Suit Your Budget?

First and foremost, you need to decide how much you want to spend. A suitable family car needs to suit your budget.

If you can afford to buy a new car outright, you’ll have an idea of how much you can spend. So you’ll need to shop around for a car within that price range.

But if you’re going to finance the purchase with help from a lender, you’ll have a bit more calculating to do. Make sure to calculate your repayments, how much interest you’ll pay, and factor in running costs like fuel, insurance and maintenance. Crunch the numbers and you’ll figure out what you can afford.

What’s the Fuel Economy Like?

Speaking of figures, your largest running cost apart from insurance will likely be fuel. This means that you want a family car that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to drive around town. And family cars are primarily used for stop-start city driving like school drop-offs and shopping trips. This sort of driving burns fuel quicker than extended highway trips, so do your research. It’s worth reading anecdotal reports as well, like forums and Facebook groups. Often the mileage the manufacturer reports doesn’t match up to real-life experience.

Storage Matters

The amount of storage you need in a family car is different than if you’re a young single. On any given day, you might have to drop the kids at school, carry some goods for errands, do the shopping and a million other things. You want a car that can carry everything you need to go about your day.

Then there’s road trips and getaways to consider. Are the cars you are considering capable of carting everything you need for a holiday? Be sure to look for models that have excellent storage solutions.

Safety First

Another important thing to consider when shopping for a family car is its safety rating. This is a measure of how much safety the car offers its passengers and drivers in the unlikely case of an accident. As you’re carrying precious cargo nearly every day, you will want a vehicle that has a high safety rating. While you may be a safe driver, can you guarantee that for everyone else sharing the road with you? You can look up each model’s safety rating as you research your shortlist.

Summing Up

There are a few things to look for in a family car. It needs to have enough seats to carry your whole family, and it also needs to suit your budget. Fuel efficiency is important, as running a car can get expensive. Look for vehicles with a decent amount of storage for all your needs, and consider safety ratings too.

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