A review of which flyers have a chance to attract consumers’ attention.

Did you know that?

  • 80% of people take flyers on the street just out of pity for the students who give them away.
  • 8 out of 10 people send flyers to the first dumpster they meet in their path.
  • A flyer that is useless is doomed to be disposed of, even if it is not thrown away immediately.

The facts are sad, but producers of goods and services are still unwilling to notice them, stamping thousands of copies of ineffective advertising. In our article you will find out which flyers have a chance to attract consumers’ attention.

The main purpose of the flyer. What is the benefit?

You can’t take action if you don’t see the ultimate goal. To create a design project and print a flyer is not difficult, much harder to do so that it interested the consumer and benefit. Before you run to the one who promises the design of business cards of any complexity, you need to understand what is required of the printing product. This will help to competently draw up a layout and make the flyer or flyer effective.

Frequent mistakes when creating the flyer

Advertising looks uninteresting and colorless. A person who has a flyer in his hands, no desire to read and understand what he is offered. The information should be presented in a bright and creative way, otherwise it makes no sense to spend a budget on creating advertising.

There’s no use. Let’s say the original flyer has attracted the consumer’s attention. This is really an achievement, but if the consumer does not see the benefit, even a beautiful and interesting flyer will go to the urn. There should be a useful offer or something that may be of interest – a discount coupon, crossword puzzle, calendar, useful recipe, etc.

The desire to put a lot of information in a small format. More, does not mean better! Often the advertiser wants to tell a lot, but the consumer is not ready to spend his time to read it. We need to look for compromises. The slogan, icons, logos, photos, text in small print – this is obviously too much. All we have to do is leave the most valuable. Just use free flyer mockup to check all the info.

Choose a promoter who is able to interest the consumer. If the cost of label design and stickers in any case will pay off, because such printing in plain sight of the consumer, the situation with flyers somewhat different. If a tired student after class will be with a disgruntled face to hand out promotional items to people at the subway, it is unlikely to be of use. It is important to flirt with the audience, intrigue, cause a smile, only in this case you can get the desired result.

The ideal flyer – what is it?

  1. It is desirable to use no more than 50 words. More, does not mean better! The information should be clear and concise, instantly readable.
  2. Careful with the lyrics! Slogans, mottos, philosophical thoughts should not be at the top of the leaflet, here place the company name, contact details and business proposal (it is desirable to put the essence of one line).
  3. Use only your own live photos. Pictures from shared access on the network are dangerous for advertising. The consumer will feel false and unnatural in what you try to offer him.
  4. Be careful with the color! Leaflets where the text is written in black ink on a white background work better.
  5. Don’t forget to specify where you can use the service or buy goods that are advertised. There is no need for a map.
  6. Flyers with promotional codes and flyers, which show to get discounts, work perfectly.
  7. Do not use more than 1-2 fonts, it is difficult to perceive such information.
  8. Take into account the interests of the target audience. Try to determine how your client thinks, act in accordance with their interests.

Remember, the most effective tools have long been invented, no need to reinvent the bike, just use the experience of professionals.

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