It is essential to consider, or perhaps reconsider, your existing security measures.

With the current situation regarding COVID-19 causing the majority of non essential businesses to close or work remotely, there is a growing concern regarding the vast number of empty premises that are highly susceptible to crime and vandalism.

A recent report from the BBC demonstrates the impact currently being experienced in Wales and there is no reason that this type of behaviour couldn’t spread.

Therefore, it is essential to consider, or perhaps reconsider, your existing security measures and understand how COVID-19 has changed the way we think about business security.

How has COVID-19 changed business security?

Due to the vast amounts of empty business premises which still contain large amounts of valuable stock, vehicles, devices and many other business possessions, the COVID-19 pandemic has created the perfect environment for would-be-criminals.

Not only is it easier for criminals to break into premises and escape unnoticed, but due to the prolonged period of isolation imposed by the government it has become more difficult for business owners to monitor their premises and keep track of anything that may seem suspicious or out of place.

This has created a larger reliance on the emergency services, in particular the police and the fire department, as well as private security companies who may struggle to keep all businesses protected due to the absences they too face amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

In fact a recent article from the guardian has demonstrated the toll that the virus is having on out police force with the Metropolitan police having an absence rate of 20% as well as other areas such as Durham and Merseyside reporting an absence rate of 6% and 7% respectively.

The combination of these various factors makes it all too easy for criminals to gain access to a premise and take whatever they please, so it is essential to ensure your business security is suitable for this difficult time.

Important things to consider when securing your business

Securing your business to ensure its protection at this difficult time may seem like an impossible task. However, there are a variety of systems you can consider to ensure your business remains safe.

CCTV – Yes, it’s probably the most obvious option, but many businesses don’t have CCTV installed or they don’t have it installed at other entry points which could provide the perfect blind spot for criminal activity. CCTV is perhaps one of the most cost effective methods of securing your business and there are a variety of options available to suit all budgets. The main benefit of CCTV is that it can be monitored remotely allowing you to have live access despite working from home.

Access Control Systems – Access control systems come in a range of forms, such as barriers and gates, and provide a robust, physical security solution to help keep your business protected by preventing unauthorised access not only from people but also vehicles.

External Barriers – By barriers, we mean physical deterrents for unauthorised guests, these can include gates, turnstiles and even bollards, which can help to prevent people parking on private land and staying their uninvited.

However, whilst these systems are ideal for business security it is essential to take your business into account. What security measures do you already have in place, and which areas of your premise are most vulnerable. If you already have barriers, gates or even bollards installed, double checking they are raised and/or locked will ensure no unauthorised vehicles or visitors can access your site.

The main benefits of a high quality security system

Aside from providing greater security for your business both generally and in times of crisis, a high quality security system can greatly improve your business in a variety of ways.

A correctly installed and maintained security system can ensure that employees feel safe at work allowing them to focus and be more productive on a daily basis. Furthermore, access control security systems can improve the flow of traffic in and out of employee car parks allowing them to enter and leave work more efficiently.

In addition, a combination of various security systems, especially CCTV can improve the chances of catching a criminal or receiving an insurance payout as you are able to record and playback the incident as well as share footage with the relevant authorities.

Finally, a robust security system can help reduce the chance of crime even occurring as it is often enough to deter criminals from even attempting to commit criminal activity on or around your premises.

We appreciate that currently improving your current commercial security is going to be a tricky task, given the number of businesses that are non-operational or experiencing delays due to an over-flow of new work.

During this time however, it’s useful to consider how you could improve your security measures in the future, not just for the simple reason of a pandemic but to ensure the overall safety of your building and assets that can cost a business a considerable amount should they be stolen or damaged.

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