PMP certified project managers are preferred over uncertified counterparts.

Exceptional leadership, planning & relationship management skills is something that every company looks out while recruiting their employees, hence PMP certification becomes a necessity. In a lot of companies, PMP certification directly influences the performance evaluation and is considered important for promotions. So, whether you are looking for new jobs or want to make an advancement from your present job, PMP certification comes for your rescue in today’s workplace.

Ask any company, they will prefer PMP certified project managers over their uncertified counterparts. Because the project managers with the certification have a proven track record, most employees don’t even consider the uncertified candidates. So, without the certification, your resume might as well go unnoticed. Other than that, there are several reasons why you would need PMP certification in Chennai. Some of these reasons are discussed below.

  1. Customers are demanding PMP certification

An individual might not completely buy into the intrinsic value of the PMP certification but still it is the matter of fact that most of the entities and companies are demanding it. If your company has worked on a government project, you would have come across the requirement of having PMP certification. This requirement isn’t necessarily limited to just the government entities. The marketplace is evolved such that project management certifications like PMP are in demand. Most clients are demanding that only certified project managers work on their projects. If a company doesn’t have certified project managers, they are simply not considered. There is a good reason for that and hence majority of the best project managers nowadays are certified.

For certain types of organizations, their approaches adhere to strictly defined processes. In such a scenario, a credential like PMP is a must. Highly regulated industries like financial services, aerospace, defence, and pharmaceuticals do not even consider candidates without PMP certification. If customers and clients are demanding PMP certified professionals for their projects, it is only natural that organizations would only want to have certified project managers working for them.

  1. Shows your ability to speak the common language

Any project manager spends most of their time communicating. Furthermore, different projects have different team members that a project manager must interact with. They also must communicate with sponsors, program managers, etc. Therefore, the ability to speak the common business language makes sure you stay on the same page with them. For instance, a professional who has undergone PMP training would know the difference between a Procurement Performance Review and a Procurement Audit, and when to conduct them. Similarly, a PMP project manager would know the difference between free float and total float and quantitative versus qualitative risk analysis, etc.

When you understand the accepted project management framework, you can better speak and communicate with your vendors and clients. The common language means everyone is on a level playing field. You may find learning the lingo to be overwhelming, but you need to consider the fact that failure in communication is likely to cause the doom of any project. Of course, miscommunications can still take place in a team full of PMP certification holders. However, the chances of that happening are low since everyone in the team has a common knowledge of what each technique and process is supposed to achieve.

  1. Demonstrates your motivation and goal orientation

Recruiters are always looking for motivated individuals who are willing to go beyond limits to do the job well. They also like hiring professionals who have already proved their commitment to developing their professional careers. Perhaps, the best way of conveying this message to your potential employer is to achieve the PMP certification.

Getting PMP certified requires a significant amount of time, focus, and energy on your part. The fact that you have your job and family obligations make this task more difficult. As such, you will need to manage your time well and deal with the additional stress of preparing for the PMP exam. Most people who take the exam say that it is the hardest test they’ve ever taken. The certification wouldn’t carry so much weight if it wasn’t challenging. If you think you can undertake this challenge, particularly when you are already working full time, you surely deserve some recognition since you are willing to go beyond your regular obligations. Not just that, you will master the best practices set by the PMI. So, you are bound to bring huge value to your organization.

  1. Illustrates your ability to structurally manage projects

In project management, the unexpected can occur at any time. There are always unknowns associated with every project. A quality project manager is the one who can manage an ever-changing environment. However, even though all projects are different, the value in the use of a set of standardized and repeatable processes cannot be denied. These processes are endorsed by experts in project management across the world.

In the current economy, businesses are working more in collaboration than ever before. This scenario highlights the need for standardized processes and techniques in project management and PMI addresses that. For instance, consider risk management in terms of the project. Of course, it isn’t an area where reinventing the approach for different projects would be wise. Risks do differ from one case to another, and so does the response to the risk. However, the method of analysing and identifying the risks should not ideally change. PMI provides tools, documents, and processes for effective management of risks.

  1. PMP tests your intelligence

Even employers know that the PMP certification exam is quite difficult. The exam thoroughly tests a candidate’s ability to decide and understands their judgment. It also requires you to pay attention to details, with your reading comprehension being tested as well. All these are valuable traits that make a successful professional. So, if you pass the exam, you demonstrate all these abilities and set yourself apart from others.

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