Good SEO (search engine optimization) is essential to the success of ultimate performance.

If you have a website, then you will most likely know about SEO (search engine optimization). A website that is not properly optimized will struggle to perform well in Google and other search engines. You need to make sure that your website is found for all your main keywords and search terms, and the way to do this is with good SEO.

There are lots of companies specializing in SEO all over the world who offer a wide range of services to help get your website working better in the search engines. The type of SEO they can do will depend on a variety of factors such as your target audience, what your keywords and search terms are, the level of competition and many other such elements.

Why is SEO important

Without SEO you can have a beautiful looking website which no one is visiting. The whole purpose of a website, in terms of a site for a business or service, is to generate income. You want your website to act as your storefront and be accessible to any and everyone 24/7, allowing people all over the world to find out more about you, look through your services or check out the various products that you are selling.

The importance of good SEO cannot be understated. If you want your website to make your company money, you need to invest. It’s as simple as that. SEO is the fuel that keeps your website running. Without it, your site will remain stationary and your competition will simply pass you by.

SEO and WordPress

If there’s one thing an SEO expert loves, then it’s websites that are built using the WordPress platform. WordPress is the most popular CMS (content management system) in the world, with more than 30% of all websites being built with it. Most web hosts will gladly offer you hosting for WordPress based websites, and if you want to check out some excellent comparisons of hosts, pay a visit to the Fortune Lords website, which has lots of helpful information.

It’s extremely powerful, easy to run and manage, and extremely versatile. You can use WordPress to build all types of websites, from simply landing pages and small sites, up to complete e-commerce systems selling thousands of products.

WordPress is also a platform that is good for SEO, and the flexibility of it allows an SEO expert to delve right, and perform the necessary work to get the website optimized and ranking for the main search terms.

The great thing about WordPress, and other CMS systems in general, is that you can make wholesale changes to a website simply by changing just a few files. For example, if you need to make a change to the menu system, then you simply go into the settings, and make the necessary changes. Once you’ve done that, the menu system is automatically updated through the entire website.

If you have a static HTML website, which is perfectly fine to use and in some cases have some advantages over WordPress, then you might find yourself having to manually update all the pages in the site. This is a lot more time consuming, and for large sites, can take many hours of work, which otherwise could be accomplished within a few minutes if using WordPress.

With WordPress websites, you or your SEO expert, will not need to have a degree in computer coding to actually make any changes to the website. Everything can be taken care of through the WordPress administration panel, though if there are any issues that might need a little tinkering with, most good SEOS should know enough CSS, JS or HTML to make any such modifications that could be required.

SEO and WordPress Plugins

There are a number of different SEO plugins that you can download and install on your websites. Some of the most popular are Yoast, All in One SEO, Rank Math and SEOPress. Each of these have their own unique take on SEO and provide you with the abilities to optimize your website accordingly.

Everyone has their own preferred SEO plugin that they use on their WordPress sites. Some are simply easier to use, while others are a lot more powerful with advanced features. Whatever the preference, they have all been developed to do one thing in particular – to effectively optimize your website.

Most SEO experts will install their preferred SEO plugin of choice when undertaking any SEO work on a WordPress website. It simply makes sense for them to do this, as they will know their preferred plugin inside out, whereas if they are forced to use another, they will need to learn the ins and outs of it, as well as the best methods and practices for using it effectively.

On-Page SEO on WordPress websites

One major aspect of SEO work is the on-page SEO that needs to be done to a website. This type of SEO relates to everything that is connected to the website itself. It will take into consideration the layout and design of the website, the menu structure and user interface, the images and media being used, and of course the content of the site.

A good SEO will perform a detailed audit of the website before starting any SEO work. They’ll look at every aspect of your website, find out where the problems lie, and then make a plan of action to tackle the issues and get the site fully optimized for your search terms.

Only once the necessary on-page SEO has been performed will the SEO expert then look to start on the off-page SEO work, which will involve the creation of relevant and high quality backlinks to your website.

Some final thoughts

WordPress and SEO go hand in hand. With the wide range of SEO plugins available for your website, as well as the ease in which you can manage and take care of all of the on-page SEO may be required, it’s no wonder that most SEO experts love working with clients who have built their website on the WordPress platform.

If your site was built with another CMS or even a static HTML site, there are still lots of ways in which on-page SEO can be done, though you might not find as many willing and able SEO experts to do the work, as you would if your site was running on WordPress.

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