Background checks are becoming increasingly common and bring peace of mind to a business.

It seems like everywhere you turn, background checks are becoming increasingly common. Most employers are now making these screens universal, writing the requirements into their hiring process after the initial interviews. Which so many people depending on websites like to uncover the truth about a person’s past, it’s no surprise that the background check market is thriving.

But why does it seem like such a sudden dependence on these reports before making decisions? Whether business decisions or agreeing to marry someone, people rely on background checks to make any final decisions. That’s because it’s one of the most transparent ways for a person to verify who they are and what, if anything, they bring to the table.

Increased Workplace Safety

One of the biggest attractions to requesting background screening is the peace of mind it brings to the business. Companies rely on their employees to not only provide goods and services to their customer base; they rely on them to uphold the company brand and values too. This means that anyone employed must adhere to the company policies and procedures too.

Without a background check, employers are putting their reputation (and often, their wallets) in the hands of staff, not knowing who a person truly is. While most hires are genuine and truthful in the application and interview process, that’s not always the case.

Verifying credentials, for example, must be taken seriously in an industry that relies on formal education. Likewise, financial consideration must be taken for anyone wanting to handle money, whether accounts or investments. Driver’s abstracts are important for anyone wanting to hire qualified individuals – especially if needing a special license like a forklift.

Finally, having a criminal background check lowers a company’s overall risk profile. A business or company wants to ensure anyone on their team is not a risk to their staff or customer base, whether that is in the physical capacity or putting vulnerable members of society at risk mentally.

Having past convictions or charges does not necessarily mean immediate termination of the application status but provides deeper insight into the character of the people they’re hiring.

Increased Personal Safety

On a personal level, background checks can prove to be useful tools too. As a measure of online security, keeping track of your report highlights where you stand in terms of your credit history. It provides details of any accounts, files, bankruptcies, or delinquent accounts in your past, giving you a detailed picture of your overall financial health.

It can also help verify any addresses or social media accounts that don’t match your personal history too. While these can be erroneous errors or mistakes, they can highlight a potential risk of identity fraud at play. Likewise, your criminal record can highlight anything from traffic infractions to prior convictions. For many, the history is predictable and expected; however, if you’re noticing several tickets you haven’t made, you may be a victim of identity theft.

Background checks also offer extra security when it comes to relationships. When sourcing potential business partners or romantic interests, background screening provides a clear picture of the person you’re meeting. You’ll be able to review any educational or employment qualifications they have (like confirming they’ve worked at the establishments they’ve claimed) or have the financial resources needed for a business partnership.

When meeting someone on a romantic level, you’ll be able to quickly review their past for warning signs (like an undisclosed criminal history). Although some convictions do not necessarily make an individual dangerous, a background highlighting repeated arrests or charges may be problematic.

How Does This Impact Market Trends?

As society continues to evolve, so too do the demands for safety and security. Trusting someone at their word used to be enough to appease employers, but it simply won’t cut it now in today’s era. With an information highway available in every smartphone, there is an ability to safeguard ourselves in ways that were never possible before.

This increased reliance on technology has brought more people together, in ways never previously imaginable. Social networking has become a global platform. Online dating has become standard for most people. Cell phones have become an extended attachment to our bodies. While this reliance on technology has improved our ability to connect with like-minded people, it’s also highlighted a need for increased safety and security.

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