Ways to save money on your car

Whether you’re looking to buy a new car, or a way to save money on a car you own, one needs to find the best deals in the current market.

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Steptoe & Johnson LLP

Congress: Catching Up with States on Driverless Cars

Legislation is under consideration to address automated vehicles – vehicles that drive themselves with minimum supervision by a human.

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New Flyer

Better Bus

New Flyer is a leading North American manufacturer of heavy-duty transit buses, delivering life-cycle savings with greater fuel efficiencies and lower emissions. David Soyka reports on New Flyer’s efforts to create better buses that contribute to a better world.

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Woodstock Motors

Virtual Reality in Motoring

Virtual reality technology is shaping the motoring industry, not just for drivers but also for car, wheel and tyre manufacturers.

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Lean Manufacturing vs. Six Sigma: Which is Right for You?

Selecting the right approach for your business strategy can be confusing so it’s important to understand the potential for business growth.

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Solid Power

EV Market Predicts Exponential Solid State Battery Growth

As adoption of electric vehicles increases, the demand for a safer, more efficient battery to power them has never been greater

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Will Trump Take Ford’s New China Trade Hint?

Excessive focus on bilateral trade issues by Trump’s administration won’t prevent much of the corporate offshoring he’s rightly targeting.

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Making the Most of IoT Data

Service Relationship Management makes sensor data actionable, improves uptime and helps companies realize the potential of IoT investments.

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Mayer Brown

Technological Advances Demand Innovative Supplier Relationships

To build connected and autonomous vehicles, traditional auto industry participants form new strategic alliances with tech companies.

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Subaru of Indiana (SIA)

Driven Performance

Subaru of Indiana (SIA), the only Subaru plant outside of Japan, recently rolled out its five millionth vehicle—a blue Outback—a few months before its 30th anniversary this March.

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Spotlight on South Carolina

Ascend Performance Materials

Ascend Performance Materials is investing $3.8m to expand operations in Greenwood which will increase polymer production and create jobs.

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Spotlight on South Carolina

Palmetto Railways

As a strong proponent of economic development in South Carolina, Palmetto provides cost-effective rail solutions to bolster the economy.

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