Succeeding at outdoor events in a pandemic world.

Outdoor Events During Pandemic, Industry Today

As we know it, the entire world is going through an unexpected life-intimidating shock to the world economy and to society.

The pandemic has spread great chaos everywhere. It has broken several markets, GDP, businesses, and millions of dreams. Unfortunately, there are huge business downfalls during this pandemic. None are perhaps as adversely affected as businesses from the outdoor events and entertainment industries.

With the unlock process in progress, and people are beginning their life with the ‘new normal,’ organising outdoor events is a big challenge. Countless pre-organised events have been cancelled or postponed. Keeping yourself rooted in this industry has become more challenging, but the demand will be high once restrictions ease.

To help you, we’re listing some of the basics to organise a successful outdoor event in the current pandemic situation.

1. Less Contact, Low Risk

Maintaining social distancing is one of the first and most important things to logistically consider while organising any outdoor event.

Sports involving group activities and physical contact, which increase the risk of spreading or catching the virus, should be strictly avoided. Sports such as tennis, racing, solo biking, or similar events can work within limits as the contact risk is minimal.

The equipment and props to be used in the event should be appropriately and thoroughly sanitised before being handed over to the participants. This will ensure safety and less risk against catching the highly contagious virus.

Implement social distancing signage to reinforce the ‘no physical contact’ policy at your event. These can act as helpful reminders for important things such as washing hands with soap for more than 20 seconds, which is mainly done after using the bathroom, coughing, eating, or sneezing.

2. Going Virtual

As more than 70% of the world is going virtual, you have to keep up in order to not get left behind in your industry. For those who can’t attend events in person, organise a virtual attendance event. You can enable public live streams or password protected stage events that can give a more personal feel and experience as if the participants were really there! Try to diversify the platforms and services you use, giving paid attendees the option of attending virtual sessions over live stream platforms, like Zoom, WebEx, etc.

While using virtual options, you can develop precautionary and strict attendance policies. There are tools available to help ensure only the paid attendees are watching your content so that they get an exclusive experience and you can still generate an income for your business.

Since most outdoor events that can take place must have limited attendance, you can set up a system to track and limit the number of attendees. It is important to do your research and look into the legalities of data collection as this will assist in tracking public health and lessen the spread of the disease by any infected visitors.

3. Temperature Screening

Another important thing to consider so you will have a successful outdoor event is the screening of temperature–conduct temperature screening at the venue. All attendees should be subjected to a temperature screening procedure. Hence, some of the event organisers and operators should be assigned to use thermal scanners to screen everyone outside of the venue.

Individuals with a high temperature should be accompanied to an isolated room. Adequate medical facilities and personnel should be available to interview the person, and quarantine if necessary.

Apart from this, rigorous and diligent physical cleaning is required at the venue. From the microphones to speakers and monitors, each and every object requires an increased frequency of cleaning. Appropriate disinfectants should be used to wipe the door-knobs, escalator handrails, water stations, and much more.

Also, be prepared to provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits and unveil restricted entries and planned exits.

4. Printed Marquee

Organising outdoor events may be new to some businesses or organisations, and finding a space with adequate shelter can be hard to come by. Something to consider is a printed marquee. It is extremely versatile for outdoor use and is super easy for a quick set up and pack down. This gives you more flexibility when it comes to choosing outdoor spaces for your events.

When a bunch of people is gathering in the event, the marquees will provide them with shade and can also assist in maintaining social distancing. It can be used as a flexible trade tool to promote your business and brand.

A plain and basic shade shelter can be converted and renovated into a new customised marquee, which can be used on different occasions. It also creates an eccentric and separate venue for your personalised stalls at outdoor events, like trade shows, markets, and sports events. With many quality material options to choose from, you will be sure to find some marquees that will safeguard your event from the rain and scorching heat of the sun.

Are you thinking about getting sponsor funding? What better way to promote them than to get their logos printed on the marquees. A good selection of custom branded printed marquees will definitely represent the brand in a unique way, which will help you stand out from the crowd. Select eye catching designs to draw attention and make them come to your space.

5. Provide Sanitisation

One of the basic necessities of human society is hand sanitiser. There are still some people who are too lazy to wash their hands or perhaps the outdoor space does not cater to bathrooms with proper hygiene facilities. As a solution, provide plenty of ‘no-touch’ hand sanitiser stations or devices, especially at any beverage or meal station.

It is important and compulsory to sanitise not just our hands but any surface frequently touched as the virus can spread through surface contact. To cover all bases, consider providing masks and pocket-sized hand sanitisers for event attendees.

In one way or another, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on everyone, especially in the medical, physical, and mental health fields. As there are no signs of an early release of the vaccine, finding a way to live with this virus is something we will have to adjust to. With extra care and safety measures in place, the world is trying to regain a sense of normal life.

It is time to push past the initial shock of this unforeseen era. By looking at the current market trends, there are still ways for every business to adapt in new and exciting ways. Don’t wait until everyone else has made changes, but make every effort to be at the forefront of today’s innovation and you will surely reap the rewards.

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