Blue Whale EV will offer Xeal’s EV chargers featuring ultra-reliable, decentralized communication software for maximum uptime.

SAVAGE, MD – Blue Whale EV, an innovative end-to-end advisory and service organization to the EV charging community, announces its partnership as a certified reseller with Xeal, a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and smarter technology for the multifamily industry. Through this partnership, Blue Whale EV will extend the capacity of the EV charging startup by providing sales, installation, and maintenance for prospective and existing customers. This will enable Xeal’s teams to focus on expanding production and continuing to develop cutting-edge technology.

Xeal’s technology aims to solve major connectivity problems that plague the EV industry. Recent studies have shown that more than 15% of EV chargers available today are non-operational, and for most of these, the problem comes back to connectivity. Drivers connect to Xeal chargers using the Xeal app, which powers connectivity through a patent-pending encrypted token-based technology called Apollo. This technology eliminates the need for cellular service or network IT cables for connectivity, effectively bypassing the most common failpoint for chargers. Not only does the Apollo system lead to reduced downtime, it also means chargers can be installed in settings that traditionally would not allow for EV chargers, such as underground parking garages where cell service fails and cabling becomes a problem.

Rich McNulty, CEO of Blue Whale EV said, “There’s never been a more exciting time to be in the EV charging industry. It’s an industry that’s constantly pushing past the boundaries of what’s considered possible and inspiring companies to do the same. At Blue Whale EV, we’re committed to partnering with companies who think outside the box and propel the industry forward. For that reason, we’re excited to expand our portfolio of EV charging options to include Xeal’s innovative offerings. Their high-tech, low maintenance, and cost-effective chargers will ensure that our clients have access to reliable charging they can count on.”

The EV charging industry is expanding rapidly, and manufacturers are doing all they can to simply produce enough chargers to keep up with demand. Handling customer education, sales negotiation, installation, and maintenance on top of manufacturing chargers is something few companies can sustain. That’s where Blue Whale EV comes in. With established partnerships with electrical services providers, as well as industry expertise in EV charging, Blue Whale EV connects manufacturers with end clients and ensures that all clients receive the attention and service they need throughout their EV charging adoption journey.

Chris Moreno, vice president of real estate & channel partnerships at Xeal, said, “Blue Whale EV is exactly what we look for in a partner. They’re passionate about the industry and provide top notch education and service to prospective clients. In Blue Whale EV, we’ve not just found a company to sell our products; we’ve found a partner who we can trust to help us drive mass adoption of EV charging across multifamily and commercial real estate clients.”

Together, the two companies aim to drive adoption of sustainable practices. With dynamic power optimization software, Xeal’s solution enables facilities to install 3x more chargers without needing to upgrade their electrical capacity. Furthermore, they’re designed to integrate with solar arrays to help multifamily and commercial properties move towards 100% renewable and self-sufficient energy. By partnering with Xeal, Blue Whale EV will empower properties across the Mid-Atlantic to offer the amenities their tenants and employees want as well as fulfill environmental and sustainability goals.

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About Xeal
Xeal is a hyper-growth, venture-backed technology startup headquartered in New York City. Xeal offers multifamily and commercial real estate owners and operators the ability to seamlessly install smart EV charging in their communities with little to no infrastructure upgrades. Clients manage these smart EV charging stations remotely through Xeal’s dashboard, providing real-time data on charging sessions, energy management, utilization, and revenue share. Xeal’s driver app employs a token-based technology for EV drivers to gain reliable access to charging stations without relying on cellular or garage IT infrastructure. Through Apollo, a groundbreaking decentralized communication protocol, building owners can remotely control and monitor smart charging stations through a bi-directional management channel between user smartphones and EV chargers to establish a more secure, reliable, and cost-effective way to stay connected. Xeal delivers an entirely self-sufficient smart charging experience for drivers, enabling 100% uptime, 50x faster processing speed, and a frictionless user experience. Experience Xeal’s recent deployments here or visit for more information.

About Blue Whale EV
Blue Whale EV (BWEV) is an innovative end-to-end advisory and service organization to the EV charging community. With headquarters in Savage, MD, BWEV specializes in bringing EV charging expertise to commercial and government clients in the mid-Atlantic region. BWEV guides clients through all phases of adopting EV charging, from solution design to installation and ongoing maintenance. This consultative approach ensures that clients have a solution customized to their current requirements while also providing a seamless installation and reliable operations far into the future.

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