MAPI: Mexico Leads Latin American Manufacturing in 2015

The findings are outlined in the recently released Latin America Manufacturing Outlook report from the MAPI Foundation, the research affiliate of the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation.

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Top Trailers

Road transportation of goods and cargo is a competitive business in Brazil, but for one of the country's leaders, the client is in the driving seat. Reuben Ford takes a closer look at this trailer and chassis manufacturer that teams…

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LEONI Cable Mèxico

Making Connections

LEONI Cable Mèxico is the largest automotive cable manufacturer not only in the Americas, but the world. David Soyka reports on how this subsidiary of a German global conglomerate is growing by making innovative connections that are lighter and better…

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The Vanguard of Steel Fusion

One of Brazil's leaders in production of molten steel and special alloy parts commemorates its 90th anniversary this year - a celebrated history of innovation and industrial intelligence. Reuben Ford investigates the strategy behind sustained success.

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Innovative Buses

A focus on design has led CARROCERIAS HERMANOS BECERRA, S.A. de C.V., a Mexican company that produces urban and intercity buses, to the number one position in its industry.

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New Steps From Frum

One of Brazil’s leading manufacturers of brake systems is adept at slowing down to take the curves of an unstable economy. With fresh confidence in the Brazilian real, the company announces new products and plans to re-initiate exports to the…

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Sensor of Success

Bourns’ Mexico branch has been in operation since 1969, a depth of presence that is rare for foreign-based companies in the country, and even more so for U.S.-owned companies, as its 45-year presence makes it the oldest of any remaining…

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Brazilian Power Parts

Look to manufacture of motor and machine parts. One of Latin America's most innovative engine component companies shut down domestic facilities and outsourced production to China. Reuben Ford finds out more about the strategic move, which brings Brazilian engineering back…

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Designing With Speed

When it comes to creating specialty products for a variety of large industries, AirDesign, S.A. de C.V., based in central Mexico, leads the way. Focusing on the auto industry, the company offers clients solutions ranging from original accessory components to…

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Leading the Way to New Horizons

One of the fastest growing companies in Brazil launches a new line of cargo transport trailers to achieve record sales. Reuben Ford finds out more about the innovations that have inspired the market and generated greater growth predictions for 2014.

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Grupo SYL

Why They’re Not Slamming on the Brakes

SYL is Brazil's leading supplier of brake pads to the automotive aftermarket. In an interview with Michael Sommers, president Avi Gelberg discusses the importance of developing new friction materials - and friction-less client relations.

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Latin American Manufacturing

At the Wheel of Growth

The Latin American manufacturing sector, thanks largely to Mexico and Brazil, has much to look forward to in 2014 after closing out 2013 with surprising strength. Leo Rommel reports what an industry expert sees coming in the months ahead –…

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