Amber Road

C-TPAT’s New Minimum Security Standards

US CBP enhanced its existing security program to reflect a higher-risk supply chain, including cybersecurity and better personnel screening.

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Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Top Five Manufacturing Trends

American manufacturing is enjoying a resurgence. These five trends help define the industry’s most pressing challenges and opportunities.

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Fostering Employee Relationships

Small business owners: here are four ways to gain respect from your employees.

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The Jobs That AI Will Take Over First

RS Components have analysed which industries are at the biggest risk of an artificial intelligence takeover by 2035.

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Managing Employees

8 Human Resource Software Tips for Small Business Entrepreneurs.

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Bloomberg Environment

2019’s OH&S Issues To Watch

For Occupational Health & Safety professionals staying on top of critical issues helps minimize organizational risk and protect workers.

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The Many Faces of Child Labor

On this year’s World Day Against Child Labor, we look at the different ways this grave problem manifests in Asia’s manufacturing hubs.

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WorkForce Software

Raising Your (Fair) Game with Predictive Scheduling

As fair-scheduling laws roll out in many states, employer brands should be assessing readiness to adopt predictive scheduling practices.

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Fisher Phillips

The U.S. Labor Shortage and Immigrant Workers

With ICE workplace raids, confusing visa rules and a declining available workforce, employers face new barriers when hiring immigrants.

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West Monroe Partners

The Future of Manufacturing Talent in Minnesota

Minnesota can take on the war for talent by boosting awareness and educating incoming workers about technology’s true role in manufacturing.

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NFI Corp.


Scholastic programs and cross-training are key to the manufacturing workforce’s future.

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Wheelchair Lifts in Sacramento, CA.

Should a wheelchair lift be installed in an industrial setting?

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