Gorilla 76

How a CRM will help industrial sales professionals sell more

Learn how the best CRM software tools can help industrial sales professionals automate repetitive tasks, collect prospect intelligence and save valuable time.

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Coca-Cola Canada Leverages Workforce to Drive Engagement and Innovation

Engaged employees are the lifeblood of a successful organization. The energy and vitality that they bring to their day to-day roles help strengthen their workplace and better position it for the future.

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Bank of the West

Achieving Smart Growth for U.S. Manufacturers

Growth can be exciting, but also daunting. Developing a plan that includes an investment and funding strategy, and executing on that plan require time and attention beyond the day-to-day running of a business.

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Speaking is Selling

5 Steps to Maximizing Meeting and Event ROI

Businesses invest heavily in meetings and events; yet often have no concrete plan to help increase their return on investment.

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Gorilla 76

How to Achieve Industrial Marketing Success in 2016

IHS Engineering360 recently published a fantastic study called "2015 Digital Media Use in the Industrial Sector." Based on a survey of more than 1400 technical professionals, the prevailing message for marketers is presented.

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Manufacturing Day

National Spotlight: Manufacturing’s Big Day

Manufacturing Day this year was hailed as a significant victory for U.S. manufacturers and their efforts towards raising awareness about the modern state of manufacturing and its integral role in the nation’s past, present and future success.

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Manufacturing Day℠ 2015 Helps Change Perception of Industry

Eighty one percent of students surveyed are more convinced manufacturing provides careers that are both interesting and rewarding.

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Improving Manufacturing Practices

If you consider push vs. pull approaches in a modern demand chain, those closest to consumers (e.g. retailers and lifestyle brands) have been the most active in adopting pull strategies to stimulate consumer demand through social branding, aggressive promotional offers…

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Douglas Group

M&A in 2015: Using it to Advantage!

Taking a look at how US manufacturers can take advantage of a strong M&A environment.

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Bond Brand Loyalty

What’s Happening in Loyalty Now

The 2015 Loyalty Report from Bond Brand Loyalty saw an increasing number of people opt-in to a variety of loyalty programs in the past year, and revealed the extent to which programs are effective in influencing customer behavior show no…

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Manufacturing Trade Shows: Making In-Person Inbound

If the growth in popularity of inbound marketing has inspired you to improve your efforts, you need to start developing a strong strategy that defines which channels are most profitable for your organization.

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Media Mixology

The handcrafted cocktail has skyrocketed in popularity. Thanks in part to period-piece television dramas such as Mad Men that romanticize bar scenes of yore, drinks like the Old Fashioned and the Sazerac have risen from the recesses of the speakeasy…

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