Volume 11 | Issue 4 | Year 2008

On April 17, 2008, Comex México launched the Juan O’Gorman color chart. This palette includes nine primary colors that O’Gorman, a well-known Mexican artist, used to decorate his home and refuge in Mexico City. These shades do not just reflect O’Gorman’s style; they also serve the wider purpose of showing how Mexican colors add life and character to a home.
The Juan O’Gorman color chart has been added to a special collection at Comex México known as “Great Mexican Architects.” One of the goals of this color group is to draw the professional sector and general public closer together. To achieve this, Comex México takes colors that have been used by the country’s top artists and designers and shares them with the household market. The company also uses the program to recognize and promote art on a national level.

Comex México forms part of the Comex Group, a leading manufacturer and distributor of quality paints and coatings in North America. The company holds the top position in the Mexican and Central American market. The Comex Group is the fourth largest architectural paint manufacturer in North America.

The Comex Group initially began as a collection of small family run businesses. Over the years the company grew significantly, and today it forms a large industrial corporation. In all, the Comex Group has 12 production facilities and resins plants. These factories provide paint and coatings for the company’s exclusive retail stores, which total more than 3,300 in all.

Comex’s focus on superior products and services serve as a benchmark for excellence and quality in the painting industry. To stay on top, the company partners with customers to find out exactly what each regional market segment is looking for. In doing so, it learns of the latest trends in colors and paints and quickly responds to customers’ needs.

This connection has led Comex to continually develop new products. In addition to creating new formulas for architectural paints, the company manufactures industrial coatings, automotive finishes, waterproof coatings and wood-care products. While its product line and customer base has increased tremendously, the company continues to focus on serving its customers on an individual basis, no matter where they are.

The Comex Group operates through a number of different brands in North and Central America. Comex, the company’s cornerstone brand, serves the Mexican and Central American markets through more than 3,000 exclusive retail stores. Parker Paint, Frazee Paint, Kwal Paint, and Color Wheel Paint operate in approximately 300 service centers in various regions of the United States. And in Canada, the company’s brand General Paint is distributed in more than 70 service centers.

The group’s companies in the United States and Canada were formerly part of the PPI, or Professional Paint Inc. and bring over 100 years of heritage and expertise in paint to the company. Selling primarily to the professional contractor market, these regional manufacturers hold a reputation for outstanding product quality, knowledge and customer service. PPI was brought into the Comex Group in 2004.

In 2007, the company celebrated 55 years of success in Mexico. During its time in the country, the business has grown steadily, and now sets the pace for other companies in the industry.

At the celebration of the anniversary, Comex Mexico’s CEO León Cohen said, “The future is filled with color and colors are filled with Comex.”

Comex Group has its headquarters for Mexico and Central America in Mexico City. Its retail stores are located throughout Mexico and the Central American region. In this way, it maintains close ties with customers, providing the services they need and listening to their current needs.

On a global level, the Comex Group comes in as the 12th largest of its kind in the world. During the next five years, officials hope to raise the company’s position to make it one of the world’s top seven. To do so, Comex will continue to emphasize its superior performance, expert advice, and the most convenient service available, all of which distinguish its brands wherever they are sold.

The company often refers to its brands as “the color of the future.” One of the collections it offers to ensure this is the ColorLife System. The colors included in this line are created for customers across the board: architects, designers, contractors, painters, and homeowners are all attracted to its shades. The ColorLife palette comes with over 1,000 choices that consumers can choose from. With names like Imagination, Da Vinci and Tequila, this system has something for everyone.

In addition to continuously adding new paint colors to its produce line, the company has also worked hard to improve in other areas. Comex Group leads the way in the production and distribution of industrial coatings, automotive finishes, water proofers, textured paints, adhesives, specialty wood and concrete coatings, varnishes, gypsum board and sundries. Recently, Comex has acquired a number of other companies and created various joint ventures in order to further pursue these product lines. This has made it possible for Comex to extend its reach far beyond the traditional architectural paints market.

Since climates vary from place to place, each of Comex’s regional companies develops paint formulations that fit its specific area. The formulations are tested in the climate they will be sold in, thereby making sure that they will perform well in the region. Using advanced technology, Comex produces paints that can withstand extreme weather, are durable, and do not fade easily.

The technical systems at Comex are the backbone for its top performing paint and coating products. Its research base, called Polymer Research Center, is the only one of its kind in Latin America. All of its manufacturing facilities are ISO: 9000-certified. The company also invests heavily in modern technologies in order to stay at the forefront of new product development.

Together with the latest in technology, Comex México strives to employ extraordinary people in Mexico and Central America. Employees are passionate about working closely with customers to learn about the latest trends. They also strive to provide quick, responsive service to customers in their area.

Comex México believes in fulfilling its role in the area of social responsibility. During its time in the country, the company has contributed in a variety of ways to the communities that it serves. It has sponsored programs to protect natural resources and develop social programs. In 2007, the company was present when the Coming Up Taller Award was presented to two groups of Mexican children and teenagers. This award recognizes artistic performances by children around the world. Through its presence, Comex México showed its continual support of education, culture, and civic values for children in Mexico.

For the past 100 years, Comex’s brand names have landed in homes and businesses throughout North America. From Canada to Panama, the company’s service centers offer customers paints that fit their taste and style. And through collections such as the Juan O’Gorman color chart, it continues to bring sophisticated art into the homes of its customers in Mexico and Central America. Strategies like these will keep the company on top of the industry for years to come.

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