Whether you call it a grass, line, or string trimmer, a strimmer, or a weed wacker, this is one piece of yard maintenance kit that everyone needs in their tool shed. Designed to tackle a dozen different jobs in the garden they complement what a regular lawnmower can do beautifully, but as with most things in life in life, not everything on offer is equal.

Before buying it’s important to do some research so you can find the best possible model out there, or skip that, make yourself some coffee, and take a look at the item we strongly recommend. After extensive research, we have gathered together the data on what we think is a great buy for all – giving you four reasons why you need to buy the (very strong) DeWalt String Trimmer [60Volt] and get the job done properly.

Reason 1 – The DeWalt String Trimmer is really versatile

Most people automatically assume a trimmer is for edging lawns neatly, and of course, this is something they are often used for. No matter how smart your lawnmower is it can’t give you the lovely finish borders need. However, there’s a lot more to what a DeWalt String Trimmer can do.

Use yours to keep the grass neatly trimmed around awkward things like trees, delicate bushes, garden furniture, walls, and ornaments without damaging them at all. You can also put a very strong DeWalt trimmer to work on sections of overgrown vegetation – or use it to trim the grass on awkward slopes where your lawnmower would be way too awkward.

Reason 2 – The DeWalt String Trimmer is easy to use

Users need to do nothing more than fit the battery and go, no messing. Can it get any easier than that?

Reason 3 – The DeWalt String Trimmer runs on battery power

Although battery operated trimmers don’t deliver the punch their petrol-fuelled competitors can that’s no great loss for the average person, and they are a lot safer, flexible and more convenient than trimmers which rely on being plugged into a power source.

The DeWalt String Trimmer’s 60V Max, 3.0AH battery has an extended run time thanks to the brushless motor feature of this model. Plus, the option to switch between low and high power mode further extends the time you can get from each charge.

A truly convenient option with DeWalt products is that as their battery chargers can be used between their products you can buy this trimmer either in a kit or without the battery.

Reason 4 – The DeWalt String Trimmer has a very user-friendly design

Using a trimmer can become tiring after a while, but the relatively lightweight of the DeWalt String Trimmer combined with the ergonomic design and the low vibrational output make it a pleasure to both use and carry. Take note of the trigger handle which has been designed to deliver a comfortable and non-slip fit and grip, even if used for fairly lengthy periods.

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